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Divyakant Akruvala
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Expertise : KP Astrology, Vedic Astrology

Experience : 20 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Gujarati


Order Report : Starting @ 400*


MON-SUN :: 07:00AM - 11:00PM

A Consultant Astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu Consultant with an excellent understanding of Human Psychology. His strong spiritual basis helps him to perceive the problems in an unconventional manner.
His vigorous training by the Landmark Forum helps him to make a positive difference in people’s life and bring about transformational shift. His knowledge, training and vast experience makes him adept at addressing and solving situations and issues from a varied perspectives and overall improving the quality of life. 
His approach to counseling is unique as he combines the sciences of astrology together with ontology (Science of being) and thereby, providing holistic solutions to address the actual deep rooted issues rather than symptomatic solutions to present problems. He has various accreditations under his name . He is Gold Medalist in Master in Vedic Indian Astrology and Philosophy. He has got Certificate of Astrology in Jyotish Acharya , Jyotish Shiromani, Jyotish Maharishi, K. P. Astrology and Servotobhadra. He is also certified Vastu Acharya and Vastu Maharshi.
He is a retired Electronics Engineer with over 30 years of work experience in Management cadre in the Electronics Industry now fully dedicated to this noble profession of astrological consultation.
Mr. Akruvala had been a part of the prestigious ‘World famous Indian Expert Astrologers’ team for International and India markets and has received numerous accolades for his outstanding services & timely advice rendered to his many clients.
Born in a very religious ‘Pushti margiyaVaishnav’ family, he has lived a life directed by religion and spirituality. His father was an expert in astrology, who is his sole motivation to excel in this field in order to help people.
His main purpose is to assist people in resolving their issues and having a better quality of life. And he strongly believes that Astrology is one of the best ways to recognize the key (solutions) to solving the mysteries (problems) of life. Answers of the Almighty can be easily comprehended through the science of Astrology. With the help of low-cost remedies such as chanting mantras, Yantra puja, and gem stones; and Ontological counseling, Mr. Akruvala intends to help people transform their destiny, resolve their conflicts and lead a happy, blessed life. 

Raghu Rajagopal

Very articulative, It perfectly matches with the life scenario and good abd simple solutions

megha gupta


komal kori


Reena bishnoi


Ankita priti



Divyakant Ji is a great astrologer. He provided a great report, remedies and guidance. He explained about the prayers and it's Importance in our life. His analysis for me is absolutely correct. I highly recommends his services. Thank you! God bless you!

Keara Sharma

good astrologer..explains every detail well.and gives good remedies for the same

Nihir Salvi

Very nice astrologer. Analysed my query in detail with recommendation.

Jagriti Singh



He is just my support for everything..


always nice to chat with him. his understanding towards astro is so perfect ! second time, it came true.. whatever he said earlier.


thank you guru ji for your advice and listing to my problems patiently


thank you for your guidance

jayant Gupta


Pooja Patil

His past predictions were accurate, but did not tell the future. Wasted time in analyzing the past. I wanted to know more about solutions and future.

Chandan Singh


N. K.

good to see an introduction leader ,engineer astrologer. same here certified IL . best wishes.


Bestest Astrologer. understood all my problems clearly and gave effctive solutions. Thank You

shruti Agarwal

Great astrologer with very good knowledge


Providing very satisfactory online horoscope reading, Divyakant sir is someone you can trust. He provided me with an accurate assessment of my future and my business has been booming since.

Ritobrata Pathak

not a very keen prediction taking lot of time to analyse a matter wasting time talking to him


a great advice thank u means a lot


Excellent. Gave detailed analysis. May god bless him abundantly

Neha vats

Genuine astrology service by a genuine astrologer. I will suggest all to consult him for any trouble in life as only


I met many astrologers But True Me he is best

Aiswarik Ghosh

Had a pleasure of taking a consultation from him...very interesting session.

Akash Saxena

I suggest everybody from my personal experience and observation.

Raju Saxena

Good Prediction.

Amit Bhargava

Basic understanding of the astrology, on confronting on knowledge aspect, he did not respond back..more of theoretical astrologer than a practical one !!


One can have wonderful astrological him for best astrology service.


Very accurate in his analysis, he gives full time to you explaining whats good and bad for the person and what is the solutions.

Amit Bhargava

Typical astrologer who can scare clients on the name of Rahu/ Ketu without understanding the divisional strength of a planet based on its placement ..he needs to brush up his knowledge !!

Antony Joseph


Shubham Agarwal

Good Work

Suhas KB

Sir, most of the stuff that you said about me and the girl that I would marry is correct. So I'm assuming your future predictions for us will also be correct. Talking to you has made my mind clear. Thanks for guiding me.

Pri Ja

I dis not want to know abt past.. My questions went unanswered and time finished

Rajesh Solanki

nice work

Harleen Kaur

He is very logical in his approach. Thanks alot for the predictions.

Mayank tyagi

Thanks a lot for your extraordinary predictions.. this was really accurate. thanks a lot

Saswati Misra

very positive and awesome

Alka Mishra

Sanjeev Anand

Ashish Sharma


Trisha Kapoor

Rachna Jain

Professional astrologer. Recommended

Sachin Kukreti

I got a career consultation from him..He is a good astrologer.

Sunil Modi

Highly recommended Astrologer

Sonali Singh

He is very perceptive astrologer. Very accurate Highly recommended

Seema Sehgal

He is a knowledgeable person..In a very short time duration, he has cleared my doubts.

Naga Bora

Not good experience

Reeshika A

very good!

Srinivas pb

Antony Joseph

His prediction about past is perfect. he makes us understand the facts and help us. He is the best and will surely reccomend to all

Ashvani Kumar

He Sounds Technically Knowledgeable n Just Not Create hype.

Ashvani Kumar

Having Healthy Conversation.



Shreen M

He has good understanding capacity and guides in proper manner



Mukti Chawla

Highly experienced Astrologer