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Bharat KC
4.06   ( 4138)

Expertise : Vedic astrology, KP, Western Numerology, Vastu

Experience : 10 years

Languages : English, Bangla, Telugu



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 10:00PM

 Bharat KC is a renowned astrologer who has been providing services to the people for the last ten years on Vedic, KP, Prashna, Horary , western, numerology Vastu etc. He is an expert in providing guidance to the issues like health, wealth, love life, relationships, career, finance, education, stock market astrology, accidents and other issues revolving in one’s daily life.

He can match the kundali’s for marriage, answer queries regarding kundalis, and any and all marriage predictions. His approach for these predictions is science backed and done with complete precision. He has a vast clientele and his predictions have resulted in being helpful for people dealing with several issues in their lives. His knowledge of astrology guides people in the right direction by helping them take the right decision.

shivani Krishnamurthy

sir is quick and honest

shivani Krishnamurthy

Sir is very quick and optimistic.

Jagriti Singh



Excellent, thank you


Very good astrologer . He solved my years of problem with his healing session


Good session, Got the solution


Gurujii is very helpful. hoping his prediction will come true.


Having positive thoughts after consulting him.

s l

very bad exp

Vasanta kb

Had a good session for a friend got good suggestions and predictions..i highly recommend everyone to consult him for any kind of matter related to astrology thnq

Abha Verma

Negative approach and not solution oriented.

Jagriti Singh



Thanks sir. You have given me good prediction. Hope all my problems will sort out asap.


A very accurate representation of past events without asking much details and positive vibes all around


best astro around. Very reliable person


had a great conversation