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Astro Himanshu
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Expertise : Vedic astrology, Love Astrology, Prashna Kundli, Numerology

Experience : 8 years

Languages : Hindi



MON-SUN :: 06:00AM - 11:55PM

Himanshu Dubey is a well-known astrologer. He was inspired by his father who was an astrologer to practise astrology and to become an astrologer. He was strongly inclined towards occult sciences right from his childhood.  He is serving people from last 8 years with his immense knowledge and experience.


Apart from all these things he is also a personal life coach who can provide you with guidance regarding your present and future life. He is also a good counsellor of Child Name Consultation, Match Making, Name correct Consultation, Remedy Consultation, Marriage Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship, Wealth and Property, Education Consultation, Muhurat Consultation, Career Issues and much more.


He treats her customers in a very friendly way and the remedies he provides are very easy and much effective which help the people in living a comfortable and pretty stable life.

Sonia Arora

Thank you so much sir! you are the best.

Sonia Arora

Sir waiting

Deepika Verma

please be online

Deepika Verma

when will you come online?

Abhishek Pandey

Online ki notification aa jaye mail per

renu pk

right person to consultant regarding vedic astrology, thank you so much!!

Guneet Rai

Thank you Sir for your great guidance

Guneet Rai

Thank you Sir for your great guidance ?

Ankur Dubey


Deepika Verma

its always feel great to talk with you. due to so much disturbances I will call you later.please come online soon.

Pooja Kawale

sir please be available

Ankit Kumar

Online as jao

Pankaj Dharmani

sir when u will be on-line

Surendra Muduli

Impressive..Got exact details before asking my problems.. Clear and detailed answer

Jagriti Singh

great session


best and practical astrologer come across


Thank u so much sir for proper guidance. Felt relaxed after your session. Highly Recommended. God bless u Sir


You will have a brotherly feeling when discussing with Himanshu ji. Very neat analysis.


thanks alot for your patience to check each and every aspect in my chart with spontaneous reply and queries sir.


highly recommend


good experience, hopefully my worries and questions get a answer and things get sorted in life.


Very helpful. Was very clear in messaging and remediation.


Thank you so much sir


It was great talking to you sir You explained everything clearly and everything was correct

neha singhal

Not able to contact you . Pls be available

poli das

His latest prediction wrt my transfer also came true ! His remedies are simple and effective consult him if you are at crossroads

Suman Sarkar

Himanshu Ji's predictions are spot on, he is a nice person. I always consult with him whenever need astrology decisions. I wish him all the best!

Vivek Jaiswal

Very nice predictions, sir please online aiye baat reh gayi thi


Aap online kab aaenge

N. K.


Sneha Panigrahi

aap kab online aayenge ?


Highly recommended to all , Superb one ! detailed and logical explanation.

Reeshika A

Very detailed accurate predictions ! Highly recommended

Bikrant Bansal

good astrologer.accurate predictions

monu agarwal

Very very very good knowledge


Hi Himanshu, Dob : 17-01-1992,4 pm Mudhol Karnataka. When will be my Marriage .I love one guy but his birth details not available

Astro Himanshu

Deepika ji every sunday in any any language Thanks

Deepika Verma

just wanted to ask can I read srot only on Sunday.or I have to read everyday starting from Sunday....and can I read it in Hindi or I have to read in Sanskrit..please guide..thanks

Deepika Verma

its very nice to talk to him..feels motivated ..Thanks Himanshu ji to give me proper guidance.

Astro Himanshu

Diwan chand ji i am coming online daily in afternoon in between 12 to 5 you can come and talk any time. if i am not available at that time when you check me than i would request plz wait fir 15 or 20 minutes or check after 15 minutes definately i would be available.

Priyanka Srivastava

He has in-depth knowledge.

Diwan Chand

sir, you are not coming online from many days please tell me when you come online its urgent Regards

Chandan Singh

Highly recommended to all , Superb one ! detailed and logical explanation No Fake facts communication is very strong value for money

Diwan Chand

when i talk tell me time please

Astro Himanshu

Diwan Chand sirji aap mujhe kabhi bhi 10 am se 10 pm ke beech check Kare online aata rehta hoon baki aap Bell icon to update karwa le main jaise hi online aaunga aapko turant msg aa jayega And many thanks for support me

Suman Sarkar

Very happy with his predictions. His analysis about planets and their houses are spot on. he did few predictions about me which I'm sure will happen and I will definitely call him and inform in the future. I will also follow the remedies he recommended me for my career growth. I wish Himanshu ji all the very best!

Diwan Chand

sir, please tell us your online time i have to ask

Jagdeep Singh

When you come online

Jagdeep Singh

When you come online

binnu paul

aap online kab aate ho sir

Sanjeev Srivastava

excellent predictions and very good guidance.

chandrakant pokalwar

any problems not coming online

bla t

Thank you Sir, will call back in July.

poli das

I have an excellent experience with him his predictions are on spot n remedies are simple n are effective

N. K.

Dear Himanshu, God bless you , and happiness to you always.

Ankit Kumar

online aao bhai

N. K.

Acharya Himanshu is a happy astrologer, inteligent and perceptive connects life and astrology effectively.

arzoo Saxena

sir please mere 690 number k question ka answer Kare. request h aps please

Dilip Yadav


Highly recommended, his predictions about my brother's job have come true.

Jagdeep Singh

Not able to call you

Deepika Verma

it always show a hope and positivity after talking to you..hope your prediction comed true..

Deepika Verma

aap kab online aayenge?

N. K.

N. K.

in a long list of astrologers, it's waste of money to get a good astrologer . acharya Himanshu is worth all ones time n money.

N. K.

N. K.

N. K.

N. K.

brilliant is the only word . God bless him

samata h

Deepika Verma

Debdutta Mitra

Varun Mehta

Explanations provided by Himanshuji is detailed and and very clear. Good knowledge. Thanks

Rashmi Purohit

Himanshu ji is awesome.Everytime I consulted with him and gets benefited.He explains each and every thing very clearly. No rocket science at all. I was so depressed before talking to him after this consultation I can say he is God of this Earth he is not a person ,which he had said about my future prediction 99 percent of his predictions has come true. Thankyou so much sirji God bless you.

Vandana Singh

some of the prediction were bang on. thank you

Arya Pillai

Very bad

binu pal

gud experience ,gud knowledge for astrology

Tanya Bhattacharya

Himanshu very knowledgable and he is an empath. Loved talking to him. This was my first time talking to him but he gives me hope and motivation.


Had an excellent experience.

Pallavi Sridhar

Very positive .. really hope the prediction comes true

Rajiv Yadav

positive attitude and motivated for hope in difficult situation.thank you.

chandrakant pokalwar

nice and accurate solutions

chandrakant pokalwar

good astrology correct pridiction

Reeshika A

Very good detailed accurate predictions !

Rashmi Purohit

One again your prediction has come true , I have conceive baby after that which remedies you provide me thank you so much strongly recommend.

Sonika Magotra

Very polite n to the point answers Strongly recommended

Nandita Negi

Nandita Negi


Mahendra Jain

Best prediction


Gave simple remedies, looking for future predictions.


He is really good in his field. Really enjoyed talking with him and he discussed thoroughly all the planetary position. Will surely recommend him to others.

Rashmi Purohit

He is a nice astrologer , so accurate and his prediction is always right. Thank you so much sir for giving me such a nice guidance.

Paarth Vora

nice astrologer


Strongly recommended

vilas yemul


Anapurna Monga

Very good astrologer.

Harish K



Thank you, it was nice talking to you.

Alka Mahajan

Excellent. God bless

Brij Kishore Banerjee

One of the best astrologer I have contacted till date. Strongly recommend ????????


He is an immensely knowledgeable person in the field of astrology. His predictions are always accurate. I have contacted for myself and my family too. Highly recommended

waaevaa waaevaa

Hi, An astrologer told me that me and my spouse would be separated in 2021, though we are currently happy together. I would be grateful if you can guide me a little. kiran DOB 7 April 1984 Birth time - 6:40pm Place - Ajmer, Rajasthan Yogesh DOB 6th May 1996 Birth time - 8:45pm Place - Sirsa Haryana

Subhadarshi RANA

Very knowledgeable person, nice talking to you.


Many thanks Himanshu! Appreciate all your help.

Rohit B

Himanshu is a good astrologer and his prediction’s are rathe accurate. He had made a prediction about my job and the fact that it will go through a difficult phase and as predicted it did. He has shared a more detailed prediction about my future and considering his past predictions, I am hoping that they come true. I highly recommend that people speak with Himanshu and get a realistic astrological prediction

Jagriti Singh

Good one

Simran Walia

Himanshu is captivating and explains the astrological chart with passion & respect. Appreciate his patience and hoping his predictions come true.

Karan Jain

Very good must consult

Jagriti Singh

Satisfied with the answers , good astrology, quick and prompt answers! Thanks Sir

Astro Himanshu

Thankyou so much for reviews

Archana A

Thank you so much for such clear answer


he is so experienced and accurate.. humble person

Sonia Das

Aap online kab ayoge?

Shailesh Srivastava


Sonia Das

He is extremely efficient in his prediction. Extremely vibrant in his consultation. It is always pleasure to talk to him.

Astro Himanshu

priya nagdevte ji aap plz apna time and place bataiye


Absolutely correct predictions.. I am highly impressed... He is a gem and has an excellent grasp on the subject

priya nagdevte

hello sir meri don 8-10-1997 hai muze gov job our shadi ke yog ke bare me janana hai shadi jisase hogi vo government job vala hoga ya private ,mera msc mathematics final year shuru hai


Many thanks. Nice guidance!


nice consultation

Kavita Paliwal

Hello , please let me know when you are available.. Thanks

Ranjana Sharma

hello sir, can I talk to you now?

Rashmi Purohit

Himanshu ji wants to talk with you

Ranjana Sharma

hello sir, I want to talk to you

Ranjana Sharma

Hi, Are you available around 1-2 pm?

Deepa saini

hlo i want to talk sir

Prasanta Chatterjee

First of all Mr Himanshu Dubey is a real gentleman . He speaks truth without sugarcoat words . He gives prediction to the point without waste of time . His Prediction very good . He deserves 200%.I hope , He will be one of the top most astrologer in future .

Poonam Tewatia

He is good. Tells the truth. Highly recommend him.


Providing very satisfactory online horoscope . He is someone you can trust. He provided me with an accurate assessment of my future and my business has been booming since

Sreejith Govindan

Explain s nicely,in depth knowledge,thanks for explaining


Great Knowledge and very detailed analysis. I have been talking to lot of astrologers but himanshu ji was able to pin point the exact problem and gave me the solution . Guru ji Thanks for your time and will contact you again.

Vitika Verma

He is good astrologer, soft spoken and impressive knowledge he has. He is like elder guardian to you, gives good direction to life with good words.

Sharad P

an excellent experience and guidance talking to him.. highly recommended

Subhi Verma

Good guidance for career and personal life...very very satisfied

Ritika Sharma

Wonderful experience i have received..very good knowledge about astrology....very satified

Nikhil Nayan

Precise, accurate and mental peace is what you get here. Recommended to all and everyone.

Shrabanti Das

good guidance for career & marraige puposes

Vikranth Shiramshetty

it was good talking to him

Mansahib Kaur


Sudeep Sagar


h k

Wow! He is superbly accurate and very patient. He reads every minute detail and gives crisp and to the point reading. Highly recommended!

Sonia P

Thank you so much for amazing reading. your words were true wisdom

Deepak Gupta

Very knowledgeable person, talk very nicely.


Such a wonderful person and genuine predictions.


very precise and honest

Manoj Sharma

Very nice, I was feeling like I was talking to someone who really understands my problem. Nice polite n generous way.

Radhika Rawal


Very well recomended.Past was accurate based on DOB.Hopefully future prediction comes true. He does predicts both positive and negative future with guidance. STRAIGHT FORWARD.....We spoke twice to him....You can count on him and within budget


Very well recomended.Past was accurate based on DOB.Hopefully future prediction comes true. He does predicts both positive and negative future with guidance. STRAIGHT FORWARD.....We spoke twice to him....You can count on him and within budget

Shivangi Tripathi

awanish mishra

shubham chourasia

Thank you Sir

Sonika Bharti

Thanks again for your time sir..

Sonika Bharti

Thank you so much for guiding sir...

Harnoor Singh

Average consultation.. not that good.. Not that bad

Rashmi Purohit

Very much satisfy.very polite and knowledgeable astrologer highly recommended. Gives simple remedies. I would wait of his pedictions.

Rashmi Purohit

Very much satisfy.very polite and knowledgeable astrologer highly recommended. Gives simple remedies. I would wait of his pedictions.

Arya Pillai

Not have much experience,have basic knowledge of astrology but he might need more experience to analysis chart in detail

Debadrita Bhattacharjee

Good to talk with him




Very good person. Nice talks