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Astro Bhushan is a top astrologer in Nagpur.In has given thousands of accurate astrology predictions.His expertise lies in Parashari jyotish.Apart from that he is a certified Pendulum Dowser, Chakra Healer, Graphologist.

He strongly believes that destiny chose him to repay the debt of his past life (karmic baggage) through astrology by serving people and society through his knowledge. Providing guidance to the people who seek his help through astrology consultancy.

His exhaustive knowledge of Vedic astrology has made special contributions for the common man. He has done special work from spiritual and religious perspectives at pilgrimage places and specific places of worship in India. 

He uses astrology remedies such as Gemstone, mantras and rudraksha to heal needy person. Thousands of clients have benefited from his accurate astrology readings.

For the removal of Inauspicious Rahu effects ( Rahu in the Dhanu/Mesha/Karka/Singh/Vrushchika/Meena Rashi) in the birth chart or his Mahadasha if going on. Native needs to please Rahu by chanting the Mantra Om Ram Rahve namh or Om Bhram Brim Bhrim Bhrom Sah Rahve namh for 108 times in the Morning and evening. Worshiop lord Shiva and lord Kal Bhairava daily. Keeping one Silver Goli (ball of 4-5 grams in pocket or purse). Offering 4- mooli to lord  Shiva or to Bhrahmin on Saturday Morning after placing it over the head or pillow at Friday Night. Shubham Bhavatu


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Rejection of Nadi Dosha during Match Making

Eight points are awarded for match-making by a bride and groom, Nadi, according to the Ashtakoot Milan system under Vedic Jyotish. If this guna does not fit, it is considered a mahadasha (serious defect) as infertility in children, health problems in both persons after marriage, intolerances of all kinds (physical and mental). Hence, the Dosha caused due to its mismatch is deemed to be canceled if one or more of the following conditions are met: 
 (1) Both have the same conditions as Rashi, but different constellations. 
 (2) Both have the same constellation but different Rashi. 
 (3) Both have the same birth constellation, but different charans (parts). 
Acharya Bhushan Ratnakar


Purva Janma ki Shaap Pida ( Curses of the Past Life) ( Part:1)

With reference to the writings of the Brihad Parashar Hora Shatram, the aadhyay supported " Purvajanma Shaapdyotak Aadhya" covers Serpa Shaap ( Naga Dosha), Pitru Dosha, Anapatya Yoga, Pret Badha, Pishachya Badha and Abhichar Yoga are in very precise and straightforward manner. In this article, I'm trying to illustrate the two most commonly occurring inauspicious yogas out of the above mentioned  six well- known inauspicious yogas in jakak's chart. 
For this, I have drawn the gist of this text from the primary text through the reference of a Marathi book. 
1. Serpa-Shaap( Naga-Dosha) : This inauspicious yoga leads to miscarriage in women, or fear Of child death or other problems like delay in child birth which occurs in both charts of males or females. a. It forms when Rahu is placed within the fifth house either in Aries or Scorpio sign. b. This inauspicious yoga also occurs albeit Mars has drusti on Rahu placed in 5th house. c. When Shani making combi with Moon within the house or evenif moon has drusti on Shani placed in 5th house.d. Karak for Child birth is Jupiter, if it's placed with Rahu in 5th house and Mars in lagna, then also this yoga occurs. e. When malefic Rahu planet is placed in lagna and Mars and Jupiter combo in present in chart and 5th house house lord is present either 6/8/12, then too this bad yoga. For the removal of this bad yoga is Nag pujan with mantra shanti by placing Nag idol made in gold. Donating cow, land, sesame, gold to Brahmin. However the root or the causative planet should be identified by any learned Astrologer then Nagbali pujan is completed to rectify this yoga. One additional but very effective remedy for this is doing fast on Five Panchi ( as per Hindu) tithi for consecutive five Panchmi vrat. In this pujan,  five naga idol are made by hand with flour and termeric powder, some milk with water and offering flowers, prasad, rice lahi, then offering this pujan on the very next day in river or any no man's land under any alone tree. 
2 Pisacha Badha/ Pida: a. When malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu are placed in 7th house or Rahu with Moon in lagna and 5th or 9th house occupied with malefic Shani and Mars this inauspicious yoga this is understood to occur. b. In the main chart, the first house when is occupied with Rahu with Shani then also this yoga occurs. In the jatak's chart, if Ketu occupied with any malefic planet or is seen by malefic planet, then also this yoga is found. c. If natural malefic Shani is placed with malefic/debilitating moon in 8th house this badha is subjected to occur. This yoga worsely results hard suffering life to the jatak. The most effective shanti pujan for the removal of this is Narayan and Nag Bali pujan at the banks of the river with Shiva Temple or Nashik, Ujjain or Gayaji. The auspicious months for this shanti pujan is Shravana/ Bhadrapada/ mahashivratri day/ nagpanchami day/ sankranti/ trayodashi also as panchami tithi of any month out of the 12 months. Remaining yogas are getting to be discussed in my next article. Thanks expecting you feedback eagerly. Composed by Astro Bhushan Ratnakar, Nagpur.


Dear Talktoastro Viewers, 

Those who are passing by the Shani Sade Sati phase in life ( at present Dhanu/Makar/ Kumbha Rashi) should enlighten one 4 faced Sarso oil ( Mustard oil) lamp in the west direction of your home or at the pujan. This reduce the negativity of lord Shani to a lot. Help to combat with bad patch during Sani Sade Sati.

Regards Acharya Bhushan. 


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