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Abhishek K

Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Vaastu, Nakshatra Chakra, Palmistry

Experience : 11 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Urdu


Order Report : Starting @ 350*


MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 05:00PM

MON-SUN :: 08:00PM - 11:30AM

I am Abhishek Kedia. I consider myself as student of Jyotish. I believe in no nonsense astrology.My approach is studying birth horoscope with Prashna Kundali to rectify past events with timeline to get correct degree of accuracy. If birth time/date/month is not available I proceed with another approach like Horary/Prashna/Palmistry for accuracy on any area of life. My aim is, by grace of Lord Ganesh you should get all answers and have mental peace, material success and spiritual growth from my consultation. I use different traditions like Parashar, Jamini, Nadi, Palmistry with Astakvarga.

I give consultation on all areas of life like career, health, abroad, child birth, marriage/relationship, financial astrology, Vaastu, stock market, mantra remedies, misfortune, healing, depression, numerology. I have 11 years of experience in different branches of Jyotish like Parashar, Jamini, Nadi, Palmistry, Nakshatra Chakra, Samudrik Shastra and Tantra Remedies. I have learned Jyotish from my mentor in Varanasi. By academics I am an PGDM Finance- Gold Medallist from a reputed Institute in India.

I have studied more than 5000+ horoscopes in detailed way for my research and professional consultation. I had meet more than 300+ astrologers, saints and tantric in my research journey. My extensive research is in Financial Astrology, Marriage/Relationship, Career and Misfortune/Evil. I had Predicted 2020 stock market crash and other major events with 100% accuracy in 2019 in an Astrological Magazine. I have been regularly writing columns for Reputed Astrological magazines and Navbharat times on Celebrities, Financial Astrology and other topics. 

Ayush Goyal

Hello sir, when do you come online? Waiting for you from months. Please respond

Ayush Goyal

Accurate prediction

Anjali Singh

Very knowledgeable and detail oriented. Good and quick analysis of chart.


detail analysis and always keen to go with details for a better understanding:)


As predicted, I got a better opportunity. And I started working with a good company now during the predicted time only


he was so accurate and I will recommend him, will definitely talk to him in future

Nitish Jain

Completely Increase the hope... Let's see what will happen now... Nice prediction

Shiwani Singh

he is the best in this platform. I am telling you guys do consult him atleast once In your life and Har problem ka solution aapko miljayegi. so much positively.

Rajasee Adhikary

He’s the best. He told me all without even me telling him. Im 100% sure that his predictions are true. Im so impressed. Highly recommended.

Saurabh Pathak

Thank you guruji. Speaking with you has always been so satisfying. Lets hope things get along as you predicted.

Adarsh Mahdevan

You have given me very good guidance thank you

Deepshi Agarwal

He was amazingly superb in his firm and calm way to make me understand and guide me.


Awesome. Talks to the point. Guides you effortlessly

Soni Yadav

Great conversation..felt relieved and positive.Hope your prediction come true and thanks for remedies.Your guidance was awesome!

Parmar Bipin

Always provides excellent and priceless guidance and support. TYSM and endless blessings,

Nikita Thakur

Thank you very much Sir.Sorry call got disconnected.will connect with you tomorrow.Feeling very positive and relaxed after talking to you

Pooja Ruhel

Thank you very much for your help and blessing.You are a God for me.

Jagriti Singh

highly recommended

Pranav Sharan

Thank you very much such confident words. You boosted my confidence. I hope your predictions come true soon. I recommend him, so far best consultation for me

Laxmi Samble

Very good astrologer with excellent astrological predictions and skills


sir is very accurate and extremely good astrologer...perfect predictions. Thank you so much

Pramod Kasyap

very well explained predictions and great consultant. please consult him.

Swati Saxena

Excellent astrologer! Can you please send me the remedies. Thank you very much

Muskan Nebhwani

can you please complete the last lines