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Abhay Mishra
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi


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MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 06:00PM

Myself Abhay Mishra Vedic Astrologer and I'm engaged in Astrology sector from last 10 years. I have completed my studies from Sanskrit Vishway Vidhalaya and also took the Acharya Degree. After that i was appointed to Astrology Call Centre for predictions. And there I got the good feedback. I'm grateful and thankful to my spiritual teachers and guru. 


Now I have experienced in Astrology over 7+ years as a Vedic Astrologer and able to provide you the best and perfect solutions of your problems. Get rid from your issues in no time. During my Vedic astrology practise, I have analyzed thousands of charts and shared the interpretations with the natives, thus fulfilling my assigned life goal, which is locating people’s life paths.


My specialization in future predictions, resolution of your problems, Perfect remedy, Powerful Mantra Love Life, Career, Government Job, Marriage, Land property, Relationships and Meditation. Get instant solutions from your major and minor issue's which still running in your Life. 

My aim is to spread smile on every single face. That's all.

Live session on personal life related questions.


14 जनवरी को मकर संक्रांति का त्योहार मनाया जाएगा। आचार्य अभय मिश्र के मुताबिक, इसका पुण्य काल मुहूर्त सुबह 8.30 से लेकर शाम 5 बजकर 46 मिनट तक रहेगा। वहीं, महापुण्य काल का मुहूर्त सुबह 8.30 से 10.15 तक का होगा। स्नान और दान-दक्षिणा जैसे कार्य इस अवधि में किए जा सकते हैं। मकर संक्रांति को महा संक्रांति भी कहा जाता है।

इस साल की मकर संक्रांति कई मायनों में खास रहने वाली है। मकर संक्रांति के दिन सूर्य उत्तरायण होते है, और मकर राशि में प्रवेश करते है। पौराणिक मान्यताओं के अनुसार, मकर संक्रांति के दिन सूर्य देव अपने पुत्र शनि के घर जाते हैं। मकर संक्रांति से ही ऋतु परिवर्तन भी होने लगता है। ज्योतिष में सूर्य को पिता कहा गया है। सूर्य देव एक साल में 12 राशियों में अलग-अलग समय में भ्रमण करते हैं। और इस राशि परिवर्तन को सूर्य की संक्रांति कहा जाता है।


आपका दिन शुभ हो।। धन्यवाद,


chan d

seriously disappointing. he kept evading my question to convince me to do a remedy. a good astrologet knows the power of the mind and does not cripple one to be dependent on a remedy. this kind of consultation can seriously injure ones self esteem.

Jatin Verma

not gd

Ankur Nagpal

I don't recommend him as per my experience.

Ravneet Kor

Mere marriage kab hogi

N. K.

after having spoken to 4 Astrologers on this portal, he is needing much more experience and even elementary predictions will be wrong. advise him to study more not try to talk on non astro related counseling . lacks genuine Vedic astrology knowledge. typical call center astro.

Chetan bali

Debdutta Mitra

Nikul Maliya

The person is really good at prediction. Ca got disconnected. But I will recharge and call you soon. Thank you so much for your guidance. Sir

Lakshya Arya

He has given me some clear predictions. I am satisfied with him and his predictions as well.

Chetan bali

Very Talented and experienced. Thanks.

Chetan bali

Very Talented and experienced. Thanks

Chetan bali

Very Talented and experienced. Thanks

Chetan bali

Parccham Kansal

He is confident & postive in his approach, satisfied with his report and surely recommend him. Thanks.

Chetna Sharma

Very nice experience

Anchal Agarwal

Bishal singh

sound good with positive hope....let see what will happen...thank you

Nitish Shukla

He''s answered all my questions in detail. Extremely happy. Thank you so much!!!

Ranjana Sharma

Ranjana Sharma

hi sir, need to contact you

Jagriti Singh

very satisfied