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hello anshu -- as per your divisional charts -- + vimshottari dasha -- these career fields are favoured by your stars -- healthcare,real-estate -- 10th lord mars is debiitated and in pushya nakshatra -- Now, Mars's actions, efforts and energy are coming in zone of Pushya Nakshatra which is about nourishing and taking care of people. It is nakshatra most closely related to medical profession or someone who counsels other person and takes care of him through knowledge and teaching. So, we can most commonly see this person as a Doctor or Surgeon but this is where trickiness of Mars in Cancer comes into play always. A Doctor and a Criminal both have weapon in hand but for completely different reasons -- so if you handle his tricky energy well then you will get the positive side of mars placement -- for more detail astrological solutions to help you in your career -- connect with me on chat

Anshu Chaturvedi
3- sep-1998 4:10am Chapra bihar mujhe kis field me career banana chahiye

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