Shrapit dosh

What is Sharpityoga?


The literal meaning of ‘Shrapit’ is being cursed. Shrapit dosha is considered as one of the most destructive doshas that can happen in a person’s Kundli. This dosha has an adverse effect on the life of the native since it not only negatively affect their life but also reduces the influence of good and auspicious dosha from their life.


Shrapit dosha happens in one’s kundli when two planets I.e. Saturn and Rahu deposits in one house. There are also chances of occurrence of this dosha when the position of Saturn is like it can aspect the Rahu. According to astrologers, this dosha is the result of the bad ‘karma’ of the person in their previous life.

Shrapit dosha badly affects the native’s life. It can cause disputes in the married life, Difficulty in conceiving or during pregnancy and also chances of miscarriage increases, Financial instability and an increase in losses.

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How Shrapit Yoga Calculator Works?

Shrapit Dosha is formed when Saturn and Rahu are placed in close conjunction in Kundli/Birth Chart. In this free calculator, you can calculate whether your kundli has sharpit yoga or not. There is a view that this yoga exists due to past deeds in a previous lifetime because of which person faces obstacles in the current lifetime. In this free Shrapit dosh Calculator, you can check whether your birth chart has Shrapit dosh or not and you can take remedial measure accordingly.

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