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Shani Dhaiya Calculator


Shani Dhaiya is a period of Saturn transition. It happens when the Saturn transits in the 4th house or 8th house from the planet Moon in the horoscope of a person. This period is called Shani ‘Dhaiya’ since the Saturn remain in the house for around two and a half years and therefore ‘Dhai’ (two and a half).

Now, the transition of Saturn in the 4th house from the Moon is known as ‘Kantak Shani’. Although Shani Dhaiya too brings problems and unfortunate events in the life of the native, it does not necessary means recessive life. With all these problems, natives learn to overcome them, learn from them, and move ahead in life with a more positive outlook. 

However, we must also know that Shani Dhaiya does not always yield negative results only. The right position of these planets involved can give positive results too. Like, if the position of Saturn, as well as Moon, is auspicious in the horoscope of the native along with the positive influence of Saturn’s transition, there will be auspicious results. 


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How Shani Dhaiya Calculator Works?

Saturn impacts certain moon signs more during its transit. In Shani Dhaiya calculator, your moon sign is calculated based on your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. On the basis of it, y it is identified whether you are going through the Shani Dhaiya or not. There are different phases of Shani dhaiya which impact different areas of life. If Shani dhaiya is present then it is advisable to take certain remedial measures on the advice of a learned astrologer.

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