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Sanjeev Kumar Thakur
4.09   ( 253)

Expertise : Vedic Astrology,Tarot Card Reading,Numerology, Nadi Astrology, Vastu, Pam Reading

Experience : 16 years

Languages : Hindi



MON-SUN :: 05:00PM - 11:50PM

 Astro Sanjeev Thakur  has been working continuously since 2005 in the field of Astrology. He is an expert of Vedic Astrology and Prashana Astrology Throughout his spiritual journey, he has analyzed a number of charts and helped the people across many parts of the world. Moreover, he can suggest practically feasible solutions to solve or reduce the problems related to any sphere of your life in the best and easy way. Working from the past he has made himself a person who has all the answers and one who can bring stability in your lives by providing a proper and detailed solution for all your problems. Along with this, he can also contact him regarding Business Name Consultation, GemStone Consultation, Travel Abroad Consultation or any other personal matter such as Marriage Problems, Relationship problems, Health Problems, Legal matters etc.

He has a Good Experience in this Profession Because, he spent most of the time with Astrology in his life Journey. And Now Professionally he's working as a Consultant in Vedic Astrology And Vastu Consultant. At Present Also Doing Cost And Works Accountant Professional Course with Vedic Astrology And having More Practical Experience of Vedic Astrology.

These Highlights, will Help or Guide, You All to Know About Him:

1. Horoscope Reading Consultation(According To Indian Vedic Astrology).

2.Love:Relationship,Horoscope(Kundli) Matching, Etc.

3.Marriage:Marriage Life, Divorce Issues, Kids, Affair, Childless Couples, Marital Discord/Late Marriage, Etc.

4. Career:Education, Job, About Your Business And Its Improvement, Etc.

5.Astro Vastu Consultation And Hindu Astrology, Powerful Gem-Stone Recommendation For You, And Other Consultations.

6. Everyday Life:Physical/Mental Health, Family, Household And Wealth, Property, Court Issues, Etc.

7. Legal Matters, Investment And Financial Decisions, Kundli Doshas Removal Through Easy and Economic Remedies(which will be effective after doing those remedies), Etc.

Anjali Singh

He is a life saver, very kind and warm. Big respect for him. Until now, none of his predictions has gone wrong.

Anamika Singh

Nice Prediction

Amrita Singh

he is the best person on this me he is a magician

pd da

for u i waste my money ......if u dnt know..... any thing about astrology then leave it..... dnt waste our money

pd da

return my money after 4 min u dnt reply any answer

Nidhi Bansal

Very Very Slow....other astrologers can analyse almost 3-4 question in the same time...which he used to take even to analyse a single question...

Jagdeep Singh

Very slow


Fake people Very late reply

kunal bagra

Shalini Mishra

very motivating and humble person very much satisfied talking to him

Bhavya Gandhi

It was nice talking to you, very knowledgeable and gives good solutions

Shreya Arya

an extremely sweet and wonderful person to talk to. thank you for your time and predictions

chandrakant pokalwar

how much I get success in business