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Ruchi M

Expertise : Tarot reader, Business Coach, Life Coaching, Career, Relationship, Aura Reading, Healing

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 12:00PM

MON-SUN :: 05:00PM - 11:00PM

My name is Ruchi M and I am doing Tarot Card reading for many years. In my opinion Tarot Card is one of the true forms of divinity that helps you to define your personality through a spiritual perspective. It not only predicts your future but also helps you to choose the right path. It helps you in all aspects of your life. In Love and relationship Honesty, sincerity and kindness are all forms of love.


The heart is the chalice of love. Through the use of tarot cards, we are here to help those who are facing some difficulties in their love life and give them a good insight into their love. As an aspect of a career, everyone faces hardships and obstacles in our journey towards financial success at a certain point in life but one needs to overcome these hardships. We are here to help you with your all career problems by the usage of a true form of divinity called tarot cards.

Biplab Biswas


Jagriti Singh



had a great conversation!! she guided me so well. Will reconnect in few days again...


Very much recommended


Great prediction. Always gives the right path .


Ma'am is amazing.she has lots patience & understanding. She always listens to problems & suggest the best solution which really works. all heart for her


She is the best astrologer. She guided me very well. She always motivates.

Lakshmi L

heaviness of the heart reduces after talking to ma'am .she shows a lot of empathy and guides very well . thank you maam

Jagriti Singh

nice consultation

Harshita M

Accurately picks up on energies and is very sweet to chat with your guidance has been very helpful - Thank you! hoping for the best


ma'am is one of the best n my favourite on this panel... She's very intuitive n always comes up with satisfactory answers.. Definitely recommend..




Very detailed sharing, with lots of thoughts and care. I am feeling less emotional and I wish her prediction will come true

Uma kr

love, light, blessings, regards Always


she is very good in predictions

Gauri t

Thank u Mam for the wonderful reading really enjoyed your positive aura felt really connected


It was great talking to u.. very accurate.. thank you mam..


Thank you mam , you have done healings for me and it works ??.I have believe in you and mainly you are always there for guiding me in correct path. Take care

Akriti Gupta

very genuine and accurate predictions. understands everything so well. Thankyou so much mam

simon meshram

I'm grateful to her. she's kind and humble.

Jagriti Singh

nice consultation


Ma'am Thank You for giving me positive hopes and I am waiting for your predictions to come true. I will contact you again


Pretty good with cards and reading was relatable.. Thank you


thank you mam for your understanding, whenever we hv a conversation, it always gives positive vibes.. you are such an angel for me mam. thank you again.


thank you mam , ap ke guidence ke liye


Wonderful experience. ruchi ji helped with with everything I wanted. Cheers and thank you so much.

Kriti Ashishh

Very precise and lovely reading ???