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Ritesh More
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Education, Kundali Matching and Gemstones.

Experience : 9 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Marathi


Order Report : Starting @ 400*


MON-SUN :: 11:00AM - 08:00PM

I am Ritesh More having experience of 9 years in vedic astrology. I used studied astrology by reading ancient vedic books. I studied Rishi Parashar Sutras and Yogas, Jaimini Karakas and Yogas. I have completed Bachelor of Mass Communication. My expertise in astrology helped many of my clients for last 5 years.


I read horoscopes and by guidance and providing accurate remedial measures on various topics such as Career, Marriage, child birth, Love and Business.I have changed lives of my clients and now they are happy and satisfied.


Astrology is a  Eye to give  proper guide of life  in right path as well as pre awareness of all matters in life, exact knowledge of bad time for awarness  and good times for work with full strength. I assured accurate remedies and solutions to my clents.


Life has been changed very vastly from past  where we used to go to school and complete our education. 10th passed was like an completing graduation and graduation means achieving milestone but in 20th century is it it ok....are we going in right direction?

There are many changes on an education levels...Many Courses Many Colleges Many Institutes Many Fees and TOO MUCH COMPETITION..and many more ..........

After completing 10th and 12th also students are not sure in which stream they should go whether its Science , Commerce, Arts or any other new stream...Students gets confused and stressed...

ASTROLOGY can definitely give you an accurate answer to all of this.

Consult me whether you are 10th or 12th passed just call me and get an accurate solution as per your horoscope...You will get to know which education will make you happy and gives you success and satisfaction which everyone seeks all the time.


Don't and Never loose it. Get it proper and make your life beautiful.  




Finally 2020 is going to end soon. As total solar eclipse occured on 14th December it will kick start a new fresh life for all of us. We can expect a big relief from Coron and start our life as earlier what it used to be.


                                                                                      WHAT 2021 BRINGS TO YOU.

As Saturn and Jupiter both are going to transit through Capricorn at the start of year, it will bring a lot of stability. Jupiter is going again in Aquarius from April to September and again will come back in Capricorn. Finally in November it will transit in Aquarius.

Rahu and Ketu will transit in Taurus and Scorpio respectively for throughout year. A very smoky energy will created for whole year.

What 2021 brings to you personally w.r.t  Career, Love and Married life and an even Businessess. You can consult me and get accurate  solutions to your queries.

As you never know what surprises are stored in future so NEVER SAY NEVER.


                                                                WISHES  YOU  A  VERY  HAPPY  AND  PROSPEROUS  NEW  YEAR !






                      LOVE / ARRANGED 


Marriage is the most important event in everyone's life. It's love or arranged it always bring prosperity and happiness in life. It is the most sacred event that everyone eagerly waited to happen peacefully for enjoying marital bliss throughout the life.

In the present period where things have changed immensely the marriage definition has also changed. It's love or arranged the divorce rate is increasing day by day. Marriage is breaking within one week or month or year, court cases and legal issues are increasing day by day. It is a very tough scenario when it comes to marriage.

In astrology there are many indications that will give alert whether or not marriage will get successful. From ancient times we only follow 36 Gunmilan system but apart from that there are various factors which are very crucial and important for successful married life. Especially where Girls are independent and they are earning for themselves and don't have to be dependent on him in 20th century.

A good astrologer will definitely suggest the things whether or not you are made for each other. Nature and Compatibility can be seen from horoscope. Attraction and love towards each other can also be seen from horoscope. Position of planets and friendships of some planets towards each other can also be determined how the relationship will stay in many are there...

A good astrologer will definitely give you clear analysis and Solutions for betterment of married life. You first always have to make sure that to whom you are consulting and what you are expecting from it.

Always Remember OneThing a Good job or an Income can't give you guarantee that you will get love of your life or suitable spouse. It all depends on your luck and past life deeds also upto some extent.


                                                  Thank You.




        ​​​​​​​                                                                                       GEMSTONE.


20th century brings a lot of changes in education,work,career,love and married life. The technology is extremely helpful but it also increasing challenges day by day. The whole world is changing very rapidly and no one knows where  they are standing and will stand tomorrow.

As everyone is facing problems and going for remedies. There are many misconceptions and illusions about which stones you should wear. Each stone has unique power which can heal and energize that person who is wearing it. There are many people who consult astrologers and wear it but still after wearing also they are not satisfied with the desired result and some of  them will not feel the effect of gemstones.


The natal horoscope plays a crucial role in wearing a suitable Gemstone. You can get to know which is your lucky stone. At the same the dasha system also matter when it comes to wearing a proper gemstone. Are the transiting planets are favourable to wear it or not?


You should know your specific problem very well so that you can wear it and take a result out of it. Each stone has different properties and benefits. 


You can solve your education, career, love and married life problem by wearing proper gemstones only.


One and the Most important thing to remember before wearing it to consult proper astrologer. A good astrologer will definitely give you accurate solution which and when to wear it. So you should always be alert in this matter and always consult an astrologer.


As Gemstones are very high priced and precious stone you must know what you are wearing. 


                                                                                                                                                                              Thank You.                                                             


Sneha Kumari

worth it

Madhuri Desai

He is the amazing person. He predicted one thing about my partner and said he will not marry. His prediction absolutely spot on and he got married. He said many things and its true. Never felt this way before. I personally recommend to you everyone. Thanks and God bless you.

Ishika Shetty

How can somebody be so accurate in predictions. He said will get new job in July and really got it. Superb experience and waiting for future predictions to come true. Recommended to everyone.


He is too good as always. Very fast, very accurate.

Diptomoy Mukherjee

no reply on call. simply wasted Rs 36.not recommended


V good. Answered my questions within 3 minutes. V nice indeed.

Arya Pillai

Very good knowledge,fast analysis, recommend to everyone

Akashdeep Kaur

Thank you. Great analysis.

Nileshkumar Prajapati

Superb Experience....Very good Knowledge....very positive .....Excellent sir...

Aishwarya Dhavale


Aishwarya Dhavale


sanchi Munge

sir plz complete the answer

Richa Goyal

Very Honest Astrologer and listens to you carefully.

Richa Goyal

Sanjeev Srivastava

superb experience, excellent guidance.. thank you

Rohan vpd

Felt really good talking to him .Lots of positive energy. May God bless him

Jaspreet Kalyaan

Really good with predictions and chart reading. Makes the clients feel comfortable. Accurate answers for all questions. Very sweet person in general. Thanks Ritesh

Soniya P

Felt really Good after Speaking you Sir.. highly recommend it.. I have been in contact with many astrologers and tarot readers and spent too many money I was not satisfied at all .. I thought to try one last time and give up but finally I got a chance to chat with Ritesh ji.. who predicted everything well and waiting till the time told for me . I will surely come back and give a positive review once my issue is resolved.. thank you so much sir

Ishika Shetty

Sir your remedies for career and valuable suggestions for marriage are really turning out true. Its giving results and feeling change as well.. I recommend you sir.. Can you please teach me astrology? Please.

Madhuri Desai

He is an awesome astrologer who can explain anything in so simple words. One of the best. Must consult atleast once. Highly Recommended. Ritesh ji thank you so much.

vijetha p

I didn't find much !

rashika Kalra

Honest suggestion , really want to learn astrology from you please guide me with it

rashika Kalra

Strong analytical skills , good session

Nirmala Moses

This is my first reading with Mr Ritesh. Very clear and no sugar coat. I'm totally amazed. I'm await for the timeline given by him to turn out. Thank you so much sir.

Darshan Pandya

He is mind blowing... Gives concrete prediction... I have consulted 12 jyotishes and he was 13th i must say last... Bcz.. He said it truly.. Everyone on them was saying govt job is for me... But riteshji said that will not fullfill u mentally... Go for other choices... So far better.

shur shar

Sayali Saundankar

very honest astrologer and listens to u carefully and gives u all answers!

Ayushi Jain

Good experience ????????

Anita Rao

Very nice experience ,very positive and helping ,He is very genuine person .

Supriya Singh

Listen your problems very carefully and reply very softly and push up your confidence. He will give his 100% effort to put positivity in your life.

Neelam j

He was so positive that he made me believe things will be fine in near future. Motivated me and had a clear vision about things. Would highly recommend.

kirti rao

really humble and positive .thankyou sir for explaining so patiently .i will contact you whenever i need help thanx alot

Shanmugapriya Lokesh Kumar

He is kind hearted person. He explained me things very well. Highly recommended to consult with him about your future

Dilaksha Dilaksha

karri swetha

Gurveen Kaur

Kashish Ahuja

aishwarya kamboj

he was really positive in his tone and made very clear predictions very specific and not general . you should try him one for sure . recommended :)

shivani Krishnamurthy

sir please accept the chat

Kritika S

Ritesh ji always answers my queries very patiently and gives practical solutions by highlighting all pros and cons.

Megha Chatterjee

Mayuri Nathan

Thank you

muthu lakshmi

muthu lakshmi

really nice talking to you..

Megha Chatterjee

Every time I talk to him ????????He is bang on with his predictions... Trust me ????????????

bla t

so sorry...balance got over. will surely call you soon. very informative.

Debdutta Mitra

Megha Chatterjee


Dear Mr Ritesh......thankyou so much....will see what best has future for me as I am going through Rahu Dasha.....thxs

Harshitha p

It gave me a sight of relief & clarity after speaking to Ritesh ji. Chalks out a best plan & provides easy remedies to problems. Just working on his words, I trust that success will be mine. He is very affordable as well, his high energy talks give to much positiveness.

Megha Chatterjee

Ritesh ji is superb, the way he predicts with his confidence is awesome ???????? He will not at all sugarcoat , he will just tell u the truth. Outstanding Astrologer !! Super Highly Recommended to everyone??????????

Kritika S

Spoke with Ritesh ji twice. He is very accurate and straightforward and comes to your level of understanding to explain the situation at hand. Would really recommend him

Ishika Shetty

Really very humble, genuine and real astrologer. I wish I could have connected him earlier but nevertheless I can be happy for present moment. Sir I will be touch with you. Thanks again.

Madhuri Desai

What a man. Always extremely robust predictions. His vigorous speech always brings a lot of positivity in my life. Really he is an amazing astro. I never wrote this for anyone. I am writing for him only.

Rajneesh Singh

does not give solution , talks about what's in your kundali but you should provide solution regarding problems


Thank you for giving your time. my balance got over , I wonder if you can write that last bit of what you were suggesting

Ishika Shetty

Amazing man. Past life predictions are perfect. Really a genuine person. Consult with caring and positivity. No sweets and sugar. Happy with service. Highly recommended to everyone. Thanks sir.

Nusrat Jahan

Highly recommended

Rajni Goyal

Very impressive.

Girija Nimbalkar

There is one astrologer from another portal and here on Talktoastro Ritesh ji, these two only astrologers predicted right perfect problems I faced in my life. I am not surprised at all the kind of reviews Ritesh ji is getting and it is going to be increase. Very real and genuine astrologer. Sir you are going very strongly day by day. Good luck and keep it up. Thanks a lot for your consultation.

Sheetal Chalukya

sir your all prediction related to foreign travel is becoming true. The file and process is going very forward and actively. From the last year to this year feeling very relaxed and as you said changes are happening. I wish I could have consulted you before but nevertheless very happy with service and more than that talking to you. Thank you very much sir.

Janhavi Kshirsagar

Your remedies are really effective Sir. As always I said you are best. A very genuine, real and polite person.

Swikriti Behera

Good and detailed predictions. Very patient, helpful and a humble person to talk to.

rishiraj singh

good session with sir .. good knowledge about astrology

Kalpana Rashtrakut

I am constantly in touch with Ritesh ji from the free service. His ability to solve issues are really appreciating and admiring. Extremely detailed analysis and very genuine astrologer. Highly recommended.

Ram Punekar

Your predictions regarding my business is very perfect. A very different and rare approach to explain. Vast knowledge really helped me lot. Thanks again.

Madhuri Desai

Whatever remedies you gave it really started working out. I got the best educational field suitable for me finally. consultation with you was the turning point in my life. I will never forget it. You are the best astrologer on this portal.

Anapurna Monga

Ritesh provided me with deep insight regarding my horoscope and It was really an eye-opening session for me.


Reading is not correct

archana ARCHANA

very helpful...thank u gods grace hope u said should come true...informative n knowledgeble

Gayatri Sabne

very helpful thanks

Priyanka patil

Highly recommended. Very good helpful information.

Pallavi Sridhar

Very detailed and informative session. I hope pandit ji’s predictions come true especially for my marriage

Anwesha Mukherjee

He was highly informative. In fact, the best part is he explained in details and I could match few things he mentioned about me that has truly happened earlier. The best part is he speaks to the point & explains the astrological words that we usually do not understand. Also, he provided me with the remedy to fix things.

sakshi gauba

Happy with the service. He talks to the point and does not waste your time. Highly recommended. Thanks !

Janhavi Kshirsagar

This man is awesome. Everytime i consulted and benefited. He explains so simply and nicely it's very easy to understand. No rocket science at all. I never feel that comfortable with any astrologer before. Really unexpected for me and sometimes i laughed also. I forget my worries for sometime. Healthy discussion and feel very happy to talk with him everytime again and again.


Very good and helpful analysis

Anushri Sawant

Very positive and giving positive energy.. accurate predictions

poli das

Very positive and has a unique way of explaining things! I am a repeat customer and it's mostly a positive discussion which we have! Look forward to the predictions n i am going to consult him again

Lakshmi L

Very positive to the point doesnt waste your time.

Rinisha M

I reached at right place to consult. This will change my life. Ritesh sir is really honest and don't give any unnecessary hope, speaks to the point. Very friendly and I must say everyone should consult Mr Ritesh sir. Thank you sir. I will be consulting you after May month. Very practical and good astrologer.

Brijesh Singh

Highly knowledgeable

Kriti Kr

Good one

shilpa Jain

It was nice interacting with ritesh ji. He focuses on solutions rather than telling past events. He is a bankable person. I hope his solution works for me.

Aditya Sharma

good guidance and very humble. pray to god whatever he said become true. thanks sir

Girija Nimbalkar

I consulted Ritesh ji one month ago. I was going through some problem in progeny matters. He gave remedies and it all started working out. Feeling very happy and relax. Never able to talk with any astrologer before him. My relationship with husband was also suffering, he analysis his chart and give some remedies to follow. It is so working nicely that relationship with husband improving. He is well educated astrologer. He explains everything in detail and most importantly he has solutions to it. Learned astrologer and understands clients very well. I never felt that comfortable before any astrologers. He is genuine and true astro. Speaks with passion and everything explain with reason and logic. Very easy to understand and follow. Will continuously touch with you.

Valli T

Thank you so much.I am satisfied with the service.but i didnt get the reply when i can get married due to balance issue.Anyways great.

Sheetal Chalukya

I consulted to Ritesh ji about my marriage and abroad settlement. I was not able to get clearing visa process and somewhere or other find trouble in getting clear it. When I consulted him he said wait for sometime and there is going to be change in your life and finally I got visa and in April I am going to Canada. I can't explain in words now. It is dream come true. Very genuine person and never sugarcoat. Perfect man. He has given me some deep insight for my married life also. I am more confident now. Even if I went in Canada I will be constantly in touch with you. Finally and at last I am really happy. God bless you sir.

Janhavi Kshirsagar

Ritesh ji predicted my marriage analysis very clearly. His passion in speaking really shows how confident he is. He explains in detail and very easy to understand as I personally don't know about astrology at all. True and caring astrologer who knows what he is doing. No fake at all like others. Very compassionate and kind person. Keep it up. Good luck.

Kalpana Rashtrakut

Talking to you is like a heaven. Your predictions and explanation is accurate. Your remedies are working out mother and sister is extremely happy. You have solution to every problem and always give hope for brighter life. From the bottom of my heart a big thank you. Never imagined that I will get so accurate solutions and predictions.


Very good explanation about career and marriage. Thanks sir

Ram Punekar

You already helped me in my daughters issues and now you guided me in my business problems. Your stone prediction is extremely perfect and I am getting results. I already wrote a lot, now I really don't know what and how much to write. Just saying god bless you and stay happy forever.

Madhuri Desai

Thanks a lot sir. You have solve my education problem. I don't care what others think and write about you. For me you are the genuine and best astrologer. Thank you will not be enough.

Jagriti Singh


Jagriti Singh

He guides in a good way. Shows the right direction. Provides remedies of the problem. He has a healing voice.

abhishek mundra

Very good and helpful analysis

Reeshika A

Very good, accurate and helpful robust detailed predictions. !

Manjushree Raut

Good kind of positivity in words, it's Create hope of positiveness, Hope to convert words into reality, Riteshji can explain anything in simple words. Thanks for consultation.

Janhavi Kshirsagar

Ritesh ji I have consulted to you 3rd time. I don't have any words to say. Thanks a lot Talktoastro having him. I am very emotional now. God bless you.

Kalpana Rashtrakut

I never used to believe in astrology but somehow I connected to Ritesh ji. He is very genuine person. He has given solutions to my mothers health issues and my sisters progeny matters. My marriage analysis greatly done by him. His words are really magic. He does in depth analysis. Now I feel more confident for marriage and knows what to do. For me he is not astrologer or mentor, he is Magician. I hope you don't mind sir. Again thank you very much.

Anand Gaikwad


Anand Gaikwad


Anand Gaikwad


Sheetal Chalukya

This free service helped me lot. Ritesh ji knows how to speak, how to guide and most importantly he understands me. Calm way of speaking and compassionate person. I am just waiting for marriage predictions come true. Extremely gentle and polite. A true astrologer and genuine person. Must contact.

Deepakshi Bhat

I am very happy to talk to him. He understood my concerns well and gave positivity and hope to me. Learned astrologer, will definitely recommend. Thank you again Sir.

Janhavi Kshirsagar

Again second time same. Extremely detailed analysis. For me you are the best.

Sheetal Chalukya

I called him by looking at his review and offer price given by portal. I must say feel really lucky to call him. He deserves all this. His consultation is very easy to know and understands the client very well. He talks with a lot of passion and energy. He has that caring nature and attitude in his speech. He is very polite and gentle. Ritesh ji I will surely recommended you to others and yes he deserves to be on other portals as well. Thank you sir. God bless you.

Janhavi Kshirsagar

Excellent consultation. He predicted suitable time for marriage with dasha analysis. He is an excellent astrologer but more than I feel him as mentor. He understands and explain in very much detail. He knows positive and negative sides which makes him special. His explanation is very easy to understand. My life is very clear and feel very confident. Thank you very much.

Santosh Baligar

After long time had discussion with you sir and again I felt like there is soo much in life to live. really non can explain in detail like you do. And today I learnt a new thing from you about astrology. it was great feeling for me. now I can check my own lagna chart and Analyse the things and live life accordingly. And the poojas and remedies are really working out for me. Good remedies suggested by you and there is no any huge expenses in remedies also. I wish everyone contact Ritesh ji only for perfect solutions.

Kalpana Rashtrakut

His words are like magic. He is an expert person who solves my career problems. I consulted with him for my sisters progeny issues and given an excellent solutions. His consultation is extremely encouraging. He also gives alert for future with respect to time periods. I wish I could meet him personally and consult some day. Highly recommended by me.

Ram Punekar

Mr. Ritesh is an amazing astrologer. He solves my first daughters marriage issue and now my second daughters career problems. He is very genuine and real. Very different from all and gives accurate answers with proper planets position. Stay happy and god bless you.

Girija Nimbalkar

What a match making analysis done by him. He gave very much details about him by looking at his horoscope. Analysis chart very fast. He is very young but when he speaks sounds like very matured and old soul. So talented person and really lucky to talk with him twice. Worth and Perfect consultation. HE DESERVE TO BE ON OTHER WEB PORTALS AS WELL.

Madhuri Desai

Bang on and spot on....Always there something new to learn from him....It personally influences me a lot...Accurate stone prediction no here and there...Up to mark.. Vast Knowledge about yogas.. Highly recommended for Students.. Try it and feel it.

Seema Soni

Very good.

Kalpana Rashtrakut

He is an amazing person. No sugarcoating at all. Straight forward and very quick in replying. Tells the truth with accurate analysis. Different from other astrologers. Highly recommended.

Girija Nimbalkar

He is an outstanding astrologer and mentor. After getting married for two years not able to get child. He has suggested puja and one stone which is also very easy to follow. He possesses vast knowledge and speak very fluently. His confidence and interpretation is commendable. Chart analysis very fast. Finally got some relief and feeling positive. Things are changing fast and feeling very happy. Wish you happy life and must contact person you will never regret.

Arvind Patidar

thank you so much sir for detailed analysis,it was really helpful session,call got disconnected due to insufficient balance.i''''ll follow the remedy for sure, if anyone is having any doubts then he is the go to person

Anshika Garg

excellent and i am very impressed.

Payal Saxena

His timelines matched with my past experiences. The remedies suggested are very practical and doable. Definitely recommended.

Ram Punekar

Great consultation. I check kundali milan for my daughters marriage. He provided very much depth analysis. I surprised and he is totally confident in speech and analysis. Never knew that these are all things plays very crucial role. He is charging very less fee from other astrologers and the kind of person he is. Thanks a lot Talk toastro and for you personally thank you Ritesh ji. I will connect with you in future also.

Madhuri Desai

What an amazing man...He is an incredible person...I was frustrated and not able to get proper education and mind was going in different direction... He suggested me accurate field and my strengths...My focus is very clear and extremely detailed analysis of report... I never knew I have so many positive aspects in my life...its like a new birth...Highly recommended to everyone for Report Writing. Thank you Sir. God bless you.

Ritesh More

Priyanka ji City is not showing...if you believe in others then why you are consulting me...You are so hurry...Respect naam ki ko cheez nahi hai aap ke paas..

priya duhan

bakwas aadmi.....5 min tak mera chart hi ni bana......totally west my money..........

Kalloly Dutta

Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Thank you so much sir for your quick analysis and predictions along with simple remedies. You are awesome. I will follow your suggestions and I believe everything works right on time. Thanks again

Naveen Kumar

Mr Ritesh is Fantastic His knowledge on Astrology His predictions Explanations are awesome His accurate predictions made me surprised and he is very quick in analysing Chart Good works Keep it up 9.5/10*****

Abhinav Mohnot

He is genuinely a very great guide, his consultation is worth appreciating...accurate and definitely recommended.

Ritesh More

Thank you Kamini ji...

Kamini Sharma

he is very genuine person, very good analytical, highly recommended .

Prachi Devi

Very good analysis. Gave easy remedy to follow. Balanced advice in short time.

Akash Mishra

Well explained and good communication skills

Mamta Mahato

very nicely explained. Thankyou

Ritesh More

Thank you Jagriti ji..

Jagriti Singh

I just spoke to him and he gave me perfect guidance and he is really amazing astro

Ritesh More

Thank you Debabrata Ji...

Debabrata Behera

Awesome prediction..pure professionalism and polite.. thank you.

Keshav Arya

Thanks for your guidance I will connect with you again.


very accurate, to the point ... and understand situation correctly

Ritesh More

Thanks a lot Santosh ji...You wrote a lot and your words means a lot...Really thank you again for your so kind words.

Santosh Baligar

Sir you are awesome... I have consulted about my problems and it got resolved in 1 and half month and I have also consulted about my brother problems and he gave such a remedies and it started working out. what a analysis sir. Truly you are a True astrologer not like others just to steal money. You really deserve Best Astrologer in the Country. Thanks a lot sir. I will continously be in touch with you sir.

Ritesh More

Dear Rito Sir, you have very much knowledge..Plz it's a request to join as Astrologer..

Ritobrata Pathak

Not enough educated in astrology needs more study and practice so not recommended.


Indeapth analysis

Athulya B

Very detailed analysis

Shadruzzaman .

Thank you Ritesh ji for the the detailed explanation. I will connect again some other time.

Shreya Gupta

Excellent astrologer. Highly Recommended.

stuti kakar

Very knowledgeable and patient astrologer who understands everything from the client well and advises to the point.

Santosh Baligar

if any one is having any kind of problems in life he goes deeply in it and try to give proper remedies and he also explains why the problems are arising in some ones life. If the problem is BIG he also take personal care till the problem gets resolved. I have experienced this personally. so do contact Ritesh More sir and move on in life with great happiness.

Santosh Baligar

Sir is very good astrologer and he knows exact knowledge about planet positions and its effects in our life he properly suggest the remedies and it is common with in nature. He is very strong in analysing the planets placements in our birth charts and its effects in our life and he exactly knows that for which problem which remedies to be suggested. He is very gentlemen and prompt in his astrological analysis and remedies suggested by him. I can say true astrologer and If you have any kind of problems in your life I strongly recommend him for consultation. Sir thank you very much for giving positive energy in me.

Aditi Singh

very good consultation.

Gyan Ranjan

Good knowledge

shruti Agarwal

Extremely knowledgeable.


very knowledgeable and positive astrologer


He is an expert in astrology. Past life predictions are correct. He cleared all my doubts. Thank you so much sir.

Parccham Kansal

Ritesh ji knows what he is doing. I’m satisfied with his reply and surely recommend him. Thanks


He is a very good person, very kind in replying. Hope ur words cum true.

Harnoor Singh

Good consultation , calm way of talking and explaining . Vast knowledge he possesses as well

Arya Pillai

Very good Astrologer ,he has less experience but vey vast knowledge . analysis chart very fast .will consult him again . recommend to everyone


The most amazing astrologer i have come across. I would suggest to please consult him