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Rajeev Kumar
4.82   ( 1012)

Expertise : NADI Astrology, Vedic astrology

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi


Order Report : Starting @ 250*


MON-SUN :: 06:00AM - 10:00PM

I am Rajeev Kumar, an astrologer with specialization in Nadi,Vedic and Horary astrology. I provide astrological guidance to several people everyday using my experience and knowledge of Astrological remedies that scientific and accurate in nature.

A number of people have benefitted in the recent past as I informed them about their hidden potential after studying and 
exploring their birth charts. It has helped them in re-arranging their lives and starting afresh to attain success, which was elusive for a time.To serve the humanity with the help of Astrology is my aim.

Basically, I am a trained Mechanical Engineer but astrology has been my passion since childhood and I love to read 
horoscopes as it gives me immense pleasure to see someone getting rid of his/her troubles by using my guidance and remedies.

I understand the challenges faced by people in today's life and provide consultation and guidance concerning education, 
career, marriage, childbirth, match-making, foreign travel, birth time rectification, name suggestion/correction, Muhurat 'shubh' number for vechicles, mobile phones etc.

I also work on the Horary (prashna kundli) for those whose birth details are not available. After working as an astrologer for a long time, I am of the view that obstacles in our lives could be removed by using astrological remedies.Get your life explored to know and live it meaningfully.

Interactive Live Q&A Session on Job & Career 


What is Mangal dosh? Remedies for mangal dosh.


Navgrah Position


Brajesh Kumar

Excellent astrologer. Got all the answers.

Sri Rekha R

thank u very much sir


very nice and good astrologer adviced me well and gave me easy remedies.. thank you sir

Arya Pillai

Very good astrologer ,guided me very well ,cleared all my doubts , recommend to everyone

Amrita Singh

Wonderful! Very very nice approach n detailed explanation. Thanks Sir. Recommended.

Aman Bhardwaj

please enable chat option

Jagriti Singh

Great session...not a single astrologer told me i will be there with except RAJEEV sir

Somya Rawal

Good astrologer..his predictions are correct and it happened in my life..

Jagriti Singh

Very good. Listen carefully about the issue and proper addressing of issue. thanks

Divyani PRASAD

Gave very accurate and transparent reading without any sugar coating

Sakshi k

Most generous Person and gives Practical advise. God bless you sir.

Muthu Kumar

Not gud for consultation,and report. Not worth the fee

Amrita Tomar

Really very good.

Akshit kumar

a j

Not at all good for consultancy didn't find me appropriate

Shravan Kumar


Gaurav Singh

wonderful explanation sir. he is really wonderful. I will follow your advice and soon contact you again for further guidance sir .

Snehal Kalia

Very experienced and good session

saara singh

thankyou very much to talk to astro team,who provided me such a wonderful ,valueable,acurate and knowledgeable astrologer. he is very nice and have a vast knowledge of NADI ASTROLOGY . By the precious astrological guidance by Rajeev Sir,I am very positive now and moving forward to a new path.Thanx again to both Talkto Astro and Rajeev Sir.

Alka Joshi

He is very polite and helpful he listens everything carefully and prediction is so good ! I will recommend him every time thanks for clearing my doubts and confusion! 5 stars from me

Supriya lokhandwale

very accurate in Horary Astrology. Those who don't know their birth details, can do the Horary. He is very accurate. Highly recommend.

madhur kapoor

very nice talking with you

Naina Devi

Sir you are very real and genuine astrologer . I am very happy with you .

Purnima Singh

Superb predictions and very very helpful guidance.

Jaspreet Kaur

Very genuine astrologer.Recommended to everyone.

Bali Choudhary

Sir, everything you told me a month back is very beneficial for me.I am regularly chanting and feeling very good and positive now. Thank for your valuable guidance.

Sheetal choudhary

Saurabh Tiwari

Nishi Rawat

thank you very much sir for your super accuracy, understanding and predictions.

Pragya Chaudhary


Shweta Singh

It was a great session I hope all your prediction comes true

Priya Agarwal

totally satisfied with the astrology

Swikriti Behera

Very detailed, knowledgeable and helpful.

Sheetal choudhary

Bali Choudhary

Very accurate and very motivational astrologer. Feeling very positive now.


He wastes time and it's very difficult to get any forecast easily... He keeps stretching the time

Arya Pillai

Very good Astrologer ,in dept analysis,having vast knowledge of nadi astrology , recommend to everyone

Anshi Ahlawat

very motivating astrologer thnku soo much i am very satisfied ..

Naina Devi

I recommend him for the real astrological guidance.His predictions are very real.

Supriya lokhandwale

I am verv happy because of his prediction regarding education and career. According to me, he is highly recommended Astrologer.

Shravan Kumar

Sir your predictions are very accurate and the remedy given by you is very effective. Thank You so much sir.

Sheetal choudhary

He is very nice Astrologer. just real talks. He is very accurate and his remedies are very easy and effective.

Shravan Kumar

He is very motivating and nice astrology .I like talking to him and the way of describing is very good and all the predictions are very accurate. Good Work ,keep it up!

Suresh Agarwal

predictions are accurate very motivating