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 I am an Astrologer, Numerologist, Vaastu Consultant & Life Coach.Since the past 23 years, I have been a practitioner of all the above mentioned professions.


I have acquired theoretical & practical  knowledge in the field of Astro & Vaastu under the holy guidance of Shri Acharya Gopal Dasji. For the purpose.


Since many years,  I have been going to the temple of Maa Hadimba Devi  for  seeking her blessings. I have clients from all walks of life in India & Abroad. I have given guidance with Trans Astral to solve various issues of my clients  successfully. I have helped by clients and resolved their various problems,with the help of trans astral.


My article for astrology & Vaastu has been published in DNA newspaper in August 2013 (MUMBAI). I am also a bonafide Motivational Speaker & a Life Coach.


Everybody works hard to earn money,as money is required for us all,to survive and live a good life.Many times afer working so hard also,people dont get desired results and they get frustrated and they change job and business too.

Today,I am going to explainto you,which house impacts one;s wealth and money.

2ND HOUSE IMPACTS WEALTH & MONEY ,IT is also known as Dhan Bhav.




8th House also shows the money one inherits from others

There are certain planets which rules wealth & money,most important planets are Jupiter and Venus.

The mahadasha periods are also important to check,while reading the houses in one's natal chart.

TO KNOW MORE,you can contact me on TalktoAstro for indepth study for your luck and money realted issues.

Good luck to all.


Kirti Seth


Money Karma and Luck.

Karma means actions of our body,speech& mind, All these factors plays a vital role,Which is Karma.
How we embedd in our mind and perform actions and  then we imprint it.Though we may not be able to see or determine it.
It seems very complex at times but its a known fact cultivating the positive ideas and nurturing them to the right path will always be a Good Karma.So we get the results on the basis of of our Current efforts and past Karmas.
So keep on doing good today and always ,as its bound to come back to you.


Luck or Fate,We all  have experienced and there are innumerable examples, when something unexpected happens in one's life for good or there is windfall or favourable circumstances or one is saved unharmed in an accident or at the times of natural disasters.
We all say ,we were lucky but there is a hidden energy or force which favours us or protect us.
So the Karma and luck both are driving our this,The journey of life.So there is corelation.So our good deeds and actions can bring us good luck and turn bad luck to Good luck.

As per astrology,Luck house or house of fate and religion can be studied from 9th house in one's natal chart(Lagna Kundli).
The 9th house represents luck or destiny.
9th house represents fortunes,virtue,generosity,higher education
Prosperity,intutions,religious deeds,money flow, overseas travels,father.So,9th house represents luck ,fate and prosperity.

9th house also stands for father and relationship with father The astrological combinations of 9th house also indicates luck and overseas travel.One must study well the Mahadasha period and Antardasha period and the placements of planets,in the 9th house,before giving predictions.
The other important house is to study is, 2nd house ,which is also known as Dhana Bhawa(The house of wealth)
The placements of  planets in 2nd house,will give one indications about one's material world .2nd house refers to wealth,finacial status,Gains and losses,success from professions.Second house also represents verbal expression or speech.It also relates to immediate family.
The study of one,s 2nd house must be done by studying all aspects deeply and planets placed in 2nd house alongwith mahadasha periods and age of indvidual,before giving predictions.

As I have mentioned above all these aspects must be studied well,one must consult a good astrologer for in depth study,of his/her horoscope,as Its Related to One's Karma,Luck and Money

Wishing All Good Fortunes ahead
With best wishes
Kirti Seth


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Prantho Brahma

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Kirti ji always gives correct guidance, his calculations are always both astrological and practical. Am thankful to almighty for having found a good mentor!


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thanks for the detailed analysis. you clear all doubts very efficiently.

Nishant Kumar

thanks for the detailed analysis. you clear all doubts very efficiently.

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Plzzz come online sir

Yes Kumar

Plzzz come online sir

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hi sir. come online

Santosh Baligar

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He is an extremely positive person and very very helpful. Goes out of his way to guide us. I am very grateful to him for his valuable advise. His report gives us all the details and remedies of the problem.



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