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Kanika Mahajan
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology Reading, KP Astrology

Experience : 6 years

Languages : English, Hindi


Order Report : Starting @ 350*


MON-SUN :: 09:00AM - 09:00PM

I am an Astrologer, specializing in Vedic and K.P. Astrology, combined with Tarot and Numerology, guiding numerous people each day, using the most modern techniques to help you unlock your hidden potential.

Have studied this science and apprised many  people about the hidden potential in their life across the globe. As human beings we at times are not able to understand why things happening the way they are. As a psychic reader , am able to explain what path one can follow to make life's journey beautiful and to discover our true potential.


With a background in mystic sciences, I am here to help you face the different challenges and make you aware of your true path and journey in life. Having done my Bachelors and Masters from Delhi University, topped with MBA(Finance) and ACMA, I have taken to guide people using my experience and knowledge in occult sciences such as Astrology and Tarot Readings.


Understanding the challenges faced by people in today's day and age, I provide consultation and guidance on Relationships, Marriage, Progeny, Career, Foreign Travel, devoting proper time and attention to each of your queries. My readings entail analyzing your birth charts, drawing Tarot cards to become more aware of the energies surrounding you and providing you with remedies where and when necessary to improve quality of life.

After doing many readings realized that obstacles are the stepping stones for achieving success and prosperity in ones life.
Get answers to your inner soul questions..... Lets explore your life to make you understand it fully and have a more meaningful purpose while being on this Planet Earth

Sameer Khedkar

excellent astrologer. very confident, knowledgeable and predictions are accurate

Amrita Singh

thanks for consultation mam

Niraj Saini

Thank you I am overwhelmed with your vibes and positivity. I’ll definitely update you on the prediction made .


I hope whatever you said... comes true.. thanks for understanding me


Very friendly and knowledgeable...Listened patiently to my worries and gave remedies.

Divya Sharma

thankyou for listening to me...and guiding me


I hope her prediction comes true thanks mam you have been always so positive

Sameer Khedkar

need to talk to you

Reeshika A

She is extremely good ! Her tarot readings and horoscope predictions are highly valuable. Highly recommended

Kritika S

Thank you Kanika ji for handling all my queries so patiently. You are one of the few astrologers who doesn’t mollycoddle things and guides a person by highlighting both strengths and limitations of their chart.

Jagriti Singh

Thank you so much Mam.

Anshika Rai

Excellent session Ma’am! Thank you very much for your kind guidance Ma’am!!

Reeshika A

Extremely good ! Highly recommended

Vivek Kumar Bajpai

Kanika Madam, today was my first consultation with your good self. First impression is definitely your deep knowledge & understanding of Vedic astrology. Your overall knowledge about industry sector is also good. Somehow, it was a 10 minute discussion and the call got disconnected. I shall try calling you again sometimes for consultation. Warm regards, Vivek Kumar Bajpai

Sameer Khedkar

very knowledgeable, accurate reading, super confident. So far the most authentic expert I have come across


Chandan Singh

superb!!! crystal clear explanation value for money logical

Subami Yarlagadda

Mam Trying for ur consultation

Gurleen Kaur

Thank you so much! Really sorted my head out on many aspects. Good luck :? Speak soon. Gurleen :)

Vidhi Tyagi

The one who speaks the truth and guides you without sugarcoating. Immaculate knowledge and accurate readings. Guidance provided in such a manner where clarity is given a priority and one feels at ease while discussing the troubles and issues. Super patient, kind and compassionate in the truest sense. Very motivating and encouraging.


One word for ma’am, she is amazing. If anyone wants to know what exactly you can do to make your life better, talk to Ma’am. Her way of making you understand is very soothing and it relaxes and calms you down. You suddenly feel a burst of energy and confidence in yourself again. I have never had such a beautiful conversation with any astrologer before. One realises his/her potential and she makes sure that you stay happy, confident. Nothing is impossible. The best astrologer this platform has. NO DOUBT. Looking forward to seeing you next year Ma’am :D


Thank you so much for excellent analysis


Thank you so much for excellent analysis

Nidhi Bansal

Hello Mam, Thanks for the guidance. I got the answers to my current queries. Call got disconnected automatically. Thanks again.

Nidhi Bansal

Hello Mam. Thanks for the guidance. But I would like to connect back again. Call got disconnected.

shreta tanwar

plz answer here


Thanks a ton mam

Sweta B

Thanks for the consultation Maam. The call got disconnected.I would reach out to you once you are available. She was able to share detailed insights /reasons for the problems and shared positivity and possible outcomes.

Sanjeev Srivastava

I am happy to have connected. She has an excellent grasp of astrology and explains with empathy. Very good experience.


Thank you Mam As usual amazing

Reeshika A

Very good


Kanika Mam is one of the best tarot and vedic astrologers. Her knowledge and clarity of thought are excellent. Truly exceptional.

Anjali Singh

Gave a nice over through. Lets wait for the predictions to come true

asg s

shows utmost decency but has changed all her forecasts to suit herself

Vansh Saini

Very positive and polite. Helpful in understanding the issue. Suggested solutions for the query asked.


Thankyou Kanika for guiding me right, it makes sense completely. I will keep in mind your advice

Anamika Singh

Accurate analysis and precise predictions!


An excellent astrologer


Excellent analysis and prediction


Thanks so much

satish mallaya

5 star excellent excellent perfect prediction


Kanika has been like phone a friend in last 8-9 months. She will be a positive reinforcement for u and will guide u like a well wisher. Kanika ji i hope your readings this time are also true like before. Thank you

Vaishali Rana

Mam you are not only a perfect astrologer who satisfies every inquiry, but also a great human who communicates and calms mind as psychologist. Thankyou for giving accurate reading and suggestions.

Debdutta Mitra

it was grt chatting wit u. balance got over.

Mam, thank u very much for the motivation.Hope I will do best as u said.

Jagriti Singh

Thanks for clearing everything, and provide very accurate prediction.

Reeshika A

Very good extremely helpful ! Highly recommended.


Very patient and polite.... And accurate reading


Mam, your reading is just amazing. You truly are my astro friend Thanks a ton


Thanks a ton Mam for as always excellent and to the point responses to my questions. Your analysis is truly amazing


Thank you for clarity in analysis and answers

asg s

very accurate reading

Nishant Kumar

she is really help full she clears all my doubt .....

Reeshika A

Thanks a lot for such a detailed analysis ! Valuable recommendations

Reeshika A

Very good ! Highly recommended


Thanks for giving clarity

Vandana Singh

Wonderful experience. She explained everything in detail with deep knowledge and information. Solved every query and prediction is also excellent. Lucky got the chance to talk with her and it was great experience. Grateful for every guidance.

Aastha Mishra

good prediction with vast knowledge and good command in astrology

Bishal Singh

No sugar coating, provide accurate predictions


Genuine predictions

Radhika Rawal

Abhinav Shukla

very positive and humble person, accurate predictions and simple remedies.

Anchal Agarwal

Anchal Agarwal

Anchal Agarwal

Anchal Agarwal


Thank you for your genuine reading and analysis


Thanks a ton

Abhijit Das

very polite and to the point..thanks for such a nice prediction

Jyoti Mishra

Mam you are genius, because same thing happen in my life whatever you predict for me. i really respect you will . i talked with you 4 time all time prediction was correct, i recommend to all who is struggling in their life and want exact direction!!!

Maila Christiansen

You are the best. Very accurate. I will definitely call you again in the future


Thanks for your amazingly accurate answers


Thank you so much for your analysis with concern

Sidhhi Thakur

Knika ji is very thorough in her approach, she explained points clearly and in an excellent way. I would definitely reach out to her in future whenever I need to. Highly recommended!


Mam you are amazing in your understanding and prediction analysis

Abhilasha Shukla

Thanks a lot for your guidance. You understood my concerns and provided answers to all my queries. Your advice and suggestions are practical and easy to implement in today's life. Thanks again for providing an excellent consultation.


Thanks for such precise answers

Rabisankar Roy



Thank you for giving absolutely clear answers to all my questions. You are a great astrologer friend. Thanks again


Thanks a ton for your genuine concern and prediction

Tripti More

I have spoken to her more than 2 times and I do know that she is my go to person. Thanks

Sarah Ahmed

shruti Agarwal


shruti Agarwal

Very good analysis and explained properly. Satisfied.



Sakshi Das

she is amazing........tell the exact truth.... provide simple remedies with full confidence.....hope ur prediction will come true.....thanks a lot....

Shipra Garg

Words are not enough for her prediction and practical solution. She is very soft nature.


Thank you so much for such considerate understanding and patient explanation as well as accurate analysis.


Thank you so much for such considerate understanding and patient explanation as well as accurate analysis.

Jagriti Singh

Very knowledgable with depth analysis. Surely a person to rely on. Thank you for the productive session.

shruti Agarwal

thank u mam

shruti Agarwal

got proper answers and got doubts solved. thanks a lott it was very helpful

Gurleen Kaur

Thank you so much Kanika. Had a good experience talking to you. So much Network error , shall connect sometime later. For now , I got my answers :) Thanks ????

Jagriti Singh

It was nice talking to him. She gave me accurate solution

Jagriti Singh

It was nice talking to him. He gave me accurate solution

shruti Agarwal

she assisted like a guide and a well wisher. It was a memorable experience. Such a big tarot reader but so down to earth. She makes you comfortable and listens to your problems.

shweta bajpai

thank you so much for your analysis and counseling. waiting for 2022

Swara Tripathi

Great !! Thank you so much :-) One of the best astrologers I have came across and very accurate prediction !!


Thank you so much for your analysis. Along with amazing analysis, you spread positive exuberance

Jagriti Singh


Jagriti Singh

Thanku ma''am.. i will keep your words in mind so i can go forward smoothly


straightforward......will have to wait for her predictions results....thankyou Mam


Thank you Mam for such accurate prediction and analysis


Very positive and clear thought process.


Kanikajee thank you sooooooooooooooooo much! Your readings were accurate and u helped me in the worst time... my wish is true on KC

Subami Yarlagadda

I googled about good astrologers and randomly found her . Started conversation with her and by the way she told everything about me and my husband personality and our past incidents , became so emotional and got connected to her and then discussed Regarding my mother, father and grandfather and total phone call went upto 1hr almost she was perfect and correct in everything she told , let it be personalities, past events ... I am so fortunate to meet her . It was a good day for me . Thanku so much mam

Subami Yarlagadda


aishwarya kamboj

felt like I was talking to a friend .thanks for the analysis :)

Abhishek B

I would highly recommend KanikaJi, she is very good at analysing the chart in detail and providing predictions and guidance. Thanks!


Thanks a ton for such amazingly accurate analysis and prediction and your empathetic listening and genuine concern

shanjeev vivekanandarajah

She is very honest with her tarot reading and will pin point her reading according to what she sees in her cards. I understand much better because I understand Vedic Astrology which made each other have an easier way of understanding her explanations. Overall I am satisfied with her consultation and waiting patiently for her predictions.


Thanks a ton for such clarity in prediction


very polite, explains every detail, highly recommend will consult again... thank you mam...


Best astrologer i talked to ever. Just brilliant thts all i can say. Highly recommended.


Please let me know when able to speak


Amazingly accurate prediction with great clarity. Thank you

Anya Mathur

Ma'am's prediction and knowledge is priceless. Will surely recommend her to hundreds and thousands of people.Her explanations are remarkably easily to understand and implement. Very, very polite and kind. Gen of a soul. Will keep consulting with her.

Prasanta Chatterjee

Good astrologer , polite , very intelligent , she has knowledge on her subject . Curious and deep thinking on planetary position and his effect . Trying to more learn . It shows her career will be more and more progressive . Dedicated to her job and customer . She talks to her customer Friendly with intelligent .She knows the philosophy of life .I sure , she will be one of the top most astrologer in future . Because she want to learn and more learn on her subject . She choosed perfect profession .

Prasanta Chatterjee

Good , polite . Details predict . Hope her prediction will be true .

Jaikumari PS

She is very patient in answering you queries and also suggest what you need to do for long term. Felt like talking to a friend. Will definitely keep you posted on the progress ma'am.

Radha Rana

I am so grateful and thankful to you ma'am for ur guidance. I am glad I got the opportunity to share my problems to you. Ma'am all your predictions were correct and I am fully satisfied. Guys I highly recommend Kanika ma'am to u all. Thank u so much Ma'am, god bless you


Excellent assessment. Thank you so much for your advice. I am feeling great relief after talking to you.

Harnoor Singh

Very nice conversation.. she is excellent in this domain

Heena Hotwani

Excellent....very nice astrologer..the best

Kriti Ahuja

Guide well to me and i am fully satisfied.

Sunidhi Arya

Overall experience was phenomenal.

Manoj Sharma

Awesome, the knowledge, understanding, problem solvong skills are amazing.It was a nice experience to consult.



Kaushal Hote

If you want true and instant solutions of problems in your life, then I will highly suggest Kanika mam, she is a world famous astrologer with good experience, highly recommended.

Kriti Ashish

Thank u so much kanika you were starlight for my path

Gyan Ranjan

Good knowledge


Accurate predictions and good information


Nice to consult with her...satisfied

Priya S

Mam is very good in her field. She provided detailed and very practical insights on all the topics.She is very positive and understanding and explains very well.Highly recommended.

Poonam Agarwal


Vinay Yadav


Lema Dantu

Wasting hard earned money

Lema Dantu

Not worth money


I am very convinced and appreciate the way of explaining and I must say she is the best in her feild. Thankyou so much.

Kapil Arya

It was an wonderful experience, truely an amazing sessions.Gain alot of positivity.

Radhika Rawal

Deepika Verma

nice to talk to you Mam.satisfactory prediction.

Deepika Verma

nice to talk to you Mam.satisfactory prediction.

Rajendra Ranr

Excellent Astrologer,I would recommend Kanika mam

Sunanda Tyagi

Good experience.

Priya S

Satisfied with her.