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Expertise : Vedic astrology

Experience : 10 years

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Gaurav Umesh S is an Astrologer from Mumbai city and have been into Vedic Astrology since past 10 Years and into Vaastu for the last 3 years.
He hold the following important certifications in Vedic Sciences from reputed Institutes in Mumbai-

- Vedic Jyotish Bhushan

- Hastasamudrik Bhushan

- Vaastu Visharad

- Vaastu Pandit

He also hold the below Academic Educational qualifications-

- BSc Chemistry, Mumbai

- PGDBM Marketing (MBA), Mumbai

- LLB (IPR), Mumbai

- Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing (DMI-Ireland)

He also hold a strong Sales & Marketing Experience of over 16 years working with India’s Best MNCs like Hindustan Unilever, PHILIPS, SONY, Panasonic, HITACHI & VOLTAS.
He specialises in Deep Horoscope Analysis about Business, Job, Marriage, Love Relationship, Progeny, Legal Issues, Finance, Education and Health. His mission is to bring positive change in people's lives through this ancient science and help humanity grow in a positive direction.


Paap Kartari & Shubh Kartari Yogas

When Malefic planets are situated on either side of a house in the horoscope, they cut the result of that house like scissors, ie. they destroy the auspicious fruit of that house. This is called Papakartari Yoga in Astrology. When this situation is formed on either side of the auspicious house, then it is considered particularly inauspicious.

Similarly, when Benefic planets are situated on either side of a house in the horoscope, they support the result of that house, ie. they support the auspicious fruits of that house. This is called Shubh kartari Yoga in Astrology.

Gaurav US



Donate these items according to the Zodiac Sign this Makar Sankranti on 14 January 2022.


The change of the Sun's zodiac is called Sankranti, when the Sun enters Capricorn while traveling through the year, it is called Makar Sankranti. Sun is transiting today, around 14:30 Hrs (Mumbai Time). Sankranti is upto 18:19 Hrs (Mumbai Time) on 14th Jan 2022.


Makar Sankranti has special significance for doing Charity as per Hindu Tradition.  It is believed that those who donate on Sankranti, they get inexhaustible virtue and get rid of pain and suffering.


I have compiled some of these items to Donate according to the Zodiac Sign on Makar Sankranti. This is as per your Moon Rashi (Not Lagna).


1 Aries - Mesh Rashi is ruled by Mars. Donate sesame (Til) & Jaggery (Gud). This will get you will get a higher position and Promotion in your Career and Job.


 2 - Taurus - Vrushab Rashi is ruled by Venus. Donate fruits  will increase your chances of getting big accountability and starting important schemes.


 3 - Gemini - Mithun Rashi is ruled by Mercury. Give Green fodder/ Grass to Cows.  Donate Green Moong Dal Khichdi. You will get Wealth.


4 - Cancer - Kark Rashi is ruled by Moon. Donate Rice & Mishri-White Sesame (Til) seeds.  This helps in ending Discord, conflicts & disruptions.


5 - Leo - Sinh Rashi is ruled by Sun. Donate Jaggery (GUD), Wheat, Gold.  You will achieve something great achievement.


6 - Virgo Rashi - Kanya Rashi is ruled by Mercury. Donate khichdi of green moong dal and give Fodder-Green Grass to the Cows.

You can expect some good news.


7 - Libra Rashi - Tula Rashi is ruled by Venus. Donate rice. External relations will benefit  in Business and enemies will become favorable to you.


8 - Scorpio - Vrischik Rashi is ruled by Mars. Donate jaggery. There will be profit from foreign work and foreign travel.


9 - Sagittarius - Dhanu Rashi is ruled by Jupiter. Donate bananas and you will be victorious.


10 - Capricorn - Makar Rashi is ruled by Saturn. Donate food to the poor and handicapped. You will get Authority in your field.


11 - Aquarius - Kumbh Rashi is ruled by Saturn. Donate Edible Oil-Sesame Seeds (Black Til). Your opponents will be defeated.


12 - Pisces - Meen Rashi is ruled by Jupiter. Donate Mustard, Saffron. Your  honor and fame will increase.



Gaurav US

Astrologer, Numerologist & Vaastu Consultant



Sashanka Tiwari

Highly recommended.. he asked me few ques which were so accurate.. i believe his predictions will also come true

Nishant Sharma

highly knowledgeable astrologer

Aman Singh

thanks for your valuable time sir I really appreciate your statement hope to get the same result which u said now in this conversation will highly recommend him


Excellent session.. very detailed analysis.. I really wish I could learn from you the science Of astrology

Tanmay Sahu

Gaurav Sir is a very learned and experienced astrologer on this platform. Sir is very good and true in his predictions , .i liked his way of approach. And as a person, he is a nice human being. I highly recommend him for honest reading

Rajendra Ranr

A very good astrologer