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I was born and bought up in Gurgaon (Haryana). I was always fascinated by various Astrologers and subject of Astrologers since the time I grew up and finished my college. I didn't even come to know and it became my passion.

I love to analyse kundlis by way of KP Astrology and Numerology. I strongly believe that numbers and stars play a great role in affecting all of us. This curiosity and love for this field of study pushed me to learn more in depth and it became my profession.

Since then I have been working in the  field of Astrology and Numerology . I feel happy when people get a smile after solving their problems with the use of my predictions.

Kp astrology child birth combination

As per kp system if 5th lord is showing 2,5,11 in nakshatra or in up nakshatra and if running dasha is showing same combination then it's also confirm child birth 

If Jupiter Major planet of child birth is showing 1,4,10 combination then it shows no child birth 

If planet is showing 9,11 then it's also confirm child birth

If planet is showing 4,8,12 it's also showing no child birth

So through kp system We can judge eaisly child birth or no child birth..






Foreign travel as per kp

In kp system if planet shows -3,9,12 in dasha, bhukti, antar it gives forigen travel and long journey

Reason behind is that

3rd hous shows short travel

9th shows long journey

12th shows different countries...


But sometimes combination might be slightly different

Like only 3,12



Only single house cannot help or promise event

2 or 3 combination should be to there


Love life as per kp astrology 

As per kp system if your dashanath is showing 5,7,11 formula so your marriage will be love and even if Venus is showing 5,7,11 result would be same even it's not in dasha and if planet is showing 1,4,10 in dasha it's a indication of secret love 
And now i will discuss about failure in love if dasha and bhukti is showing 5,8,12 love would be only for bed pleasure..
And if Venus is with shani it also shows failure in love life


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even if I gave 1 star it's showing 5 star

preeti sharma

preeti sharma

Not even reply to my query in 2.30 min

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Accurate numbers given, I started doing my tasks during that time and saw results

arzoo Saxena

there is no knowledge about astrology...I was asked 1 question about when I will got baby then she told in 2021 end However I am unmarried...

Divya S

Not satisfied at all... Need to, improve a lot!!

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vivek gupta

vivek gupta

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Thank you.....will revert after the date you have predicted.....

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thanks a lot for your guidance. was very helpful

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