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Acharya Rashmi Sharma
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology

Experience : 20 years

Languages : English, Hindi



MON-SUN :: 10:00PM - 11:00PM

Acharya Rashmi Sharma is a well known Vedic and Prashna Kundali Astrologer for almost 20 years now. After doing her post-graduation in Psychology, she did her Acharyaship from Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi under the guidance of Shri K. N. Rao and now provide online consultation. she pursued research in various fields of astrology. She is considered as one of the top 10 astrologer in India.

She has also mastered the skills of numerology and palmistry. She has excelled in various fields of astrology viz...marriage and childbirth-related issues, match-making, health, jobs and career, spouse predictions, education, business and monetary aspects of day to day life.

Her clients have immensely benefited from her predictions and suggestions.

Priyanka gautam

Thank you mam



Many thanks Rashmi Ma'am. Your knowledge of astrology and detailing of kundli are the best.

Dipti Praveen

I want to know will i be able to clear my up coming exam


I am truly satisfied, Nice person , Good knowledge....Highly recommended

Ritu Singh

you are incomparable in Vedic astrology. Highly recommended.


Thank you Ma'am... Thanks a lot for your guidance. I also request kindly give consultancy to all like this so we will able to solve our problem.

Atoshi Ghosh

Thank you Mam for your able guidance. I will contact you with the necessary details

Priyanka Sonawane Sonawane

Thank you so much Rashmi ji..its such a relief talking to you.


thanks a lot ma'am! You read amazingly well.

don't know

I m talking to her since 4-5 months and all her major prediction are true, she is best in this platform, full of positive vibes. You are very knowledgeable and polite. Really feeling hopeful for future. I recommend everyone who are seeking guidance. God bless you ????

Choudhury Bakshi

Waste of money. Kept on changing dates of his predictions and is not confident at all about her predictions. How can gochar be more stronger than ones own horoscope? Don’t waste time here. There are much astrologers on this platform.

Vivek Jaiswal

Not satisfied , totally different predictions than most of the astrologers


Rashmi ma'am is the best. She is excellent in analysing and explaining Kundli, and is very patient too. Thank You!

Bhoroscope B

Please be online Ma'am. I am waiting for you.


Thanks a lot again Ma'am! Your way of reading chart as well as explaining is exceptional.

Nilesh Pagaria

Thank You


amazing as always! Thanks a lot.


Rashmi Ma'am's ability to read, analyse and predict from Kundli is amazing, amazing. Every time I talk to her, new and accurate things are revealed that actually happen. She on her own advises on potential troubles as well. I can't thank her enough.

Shobhit Sharma


Nilesh Pagaria

Mam Trying To Reconnect

Heena Hotwani

Hello mam,trying to call you since morning as you are online but unable to connect with you..please call back

Rakshit Muralinath

Good knowledge of subject. Spoke to the point what I was exactly looking for. Hope predictions come true


Hello Wow one of the best Astrologer ever spoken giving gud sugestions gud solutionns with calm politeness hope all does works on her sayngs words but small thing very busy to get her call online ned to get even more altrrnatives more lines more extra calls tooo Highly Recommendable...


Hello Wow one of the best Astrologer ever spoken giving gud sugestions gud solutionns with calm politeness hope all does works on her sayngs words but small thing very busy to get her call online ned to get even more altrrnatives more lines more extra calls tooo Highly Recommendable...

Ritu Singh

Excellent astrologer and very good human..

Prathik Patil

mam I trying to call you since two three days. and im unable to connect. im calling you on the time you mentioned in the app.

Raj tyagi

I don't know what future holds but you're very polite and concerned. thanks

Ritu Singh


Ritu Singh


tejasvi sharma

excellent astrologer

Priyanka gautam

Thank u hope your prediction will come true

Ritu Singh

I am unable to talk to you because of my low balance for this month, but I will call you next month. You are like a mentor for me, I thankful to you for my concern. May GOD Bless you maam all the happiness you want. I always miss you. As always you are the best..

anup pradhan

aap online nehi aa rehe hai kyon mam

Atoshi Ghosh

Consultation was very helpful.

Ritu Singh

Thanks again maam for giving your valuable time, You are always the best astrologer with depth of knowledge and your remedies are really meaningful. You are really peerless with your positive approach towards life.

Ritu Singh

Thank you so much maam for for giving me your valuable time. I will contact you again now I have less balance in account..May GOD bless you maam..

somya garg

Mam please come online, want to talk to you

Ritu Singh

Thank You so much maam for giving your valuable time...It really feel happy to talk to you....GOD bless you maam..

Ben N

I don't see any order report option for madam. Can you please help

sunil pandey

She is one of the most famous astrologers of India. Highly recommended astrologer

Vivek sharma

Highly recommended

Ritu Singh

It really feel happy to talk to you maam. You are India's top most astrologer and your predictions are highly accurate... Thank you so much for giving your valuable time to me. You are the inspiration for all females.

Vinu Honey

Rashmiji is the best. Thatswhy she is very famous.

Parul Malhotra

Mam pls be online

Parul Malhotra

Mam please accept call request

jaydeep Joshi

Nice conversation with acharya Rashmi sharma mam

kartikey Verma

Best there is best there best there ever will be

kartikey Verma

Please be available

Amit verma

Thanks a lot Mam as usual great Prediction. Amit Verma

Rajan Garg

She is the best astrologer.. Her predictions are upto the mark and accurate

Ritu Singh

I am keep in touch with Rashmi Maam since 2017, it was the first time when I stared taking the astrological consultation with maam, I am surprised whatever maam has predicted about my personal life in 2017 was absolutely true. For 2018 Maam predicted that it will not be a good time and I found that it was really a bad time for my life but always Maam has given me hope for future. I found that each and every prediction given by Maam was absolutely exact. Maam is so much busy because she is a good astrologer as well as a very good human and every person trying to approach such kind of person.........Last but not least Thanks a ton to the for making Rashmi Maam available for us so that needy people can take help........

Ritu Singh

Your prediction is more accurate and you never waste a single second, You are the best maam..Highly recomended...

Ritu Singh

There is no word to express the depth of your knowledge,your kindness and your sweet voice..As for my knowledge you are the best astrologer among all the online astrology panels. Thank You so much again for giving me time and studying me horoscope..

namita Singh

Excellent Astrologer. very polite and highly knowledgeable.