Mars Transit 2021

Mars Transit 2021

In Vedic astrology Mars is a powerful and dominant planet, associated with the masculine figure. Aries and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs which are ruled by this planet. The planet symbolizes the warriors enabling you to overcome the dark phases of your life.

The planet has a good relationship with the Sun as well as the Moon. Mangal Dosh is the term associated with the planet Mars. The planet brings hardships in the life of the individual. Under the influence of planet Mars, the individual has a bad fortune in their life.


Aries to Taurus

Monday, February 22, 2021,

5:04 AM

Taurus to Gemini

Wednesday, April 14, 2021,

1:41 AM


Gemini to Cancer

Wednesday, June 2, 2021,

7:17 AM

Cancer to Leo

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

6:19 AM


Leo to Virgo

Monday, September 6, 2021,

4:22 AM

Virgo to Libra

Friday, October 22, 2021,

2:26 AM


Libra to Scorpio

Sunday, December 5, 2021

6:21 AM


The shifting of Mars from one zodiac sign to another is called Mars Transit. The planet sits on one zodiac sign for one and half months, then it proceeds to the other zodiac sign. The life of the individual is affected because of the house he belongs to.

If Mars is positioned in the wrong house it will cause disastrous results. The individual may face an accident. There are chances for the individual to be in dire situations. The planet is associated with the characteristics of desire for sexual intercourse, urge to defend, confidence, aggression, desire to be authoritative.


Significance of Mars in Vedic Astrology

The planet Mars is a source of vitality and passion within an individual. The aggressive nature of an individual is because of the effect of Mars on the individual. The intense energy of the planet Mars can lead to positivity as well as negativity within an individual. The effect of the planet Mars causes you to become affectionate as well as the slave of the senses. The individual shows acts of bravery as well as violence.

In astrology, Mars holds importance in marital happiness. While moving through the zodiac sign, Mars transition forms key combinations. Well, based research is necessary to know about the effects of Mars.

The most essential aspect is to maintain a harmonious relationship without being obstinate to be right. In life, forgiveness is essential to maintain any relationship. The ability to forgive helps the individual to bring back their lost love. Thus, a passionate relationship is established between the two partners. There should be effective communication between the partners. Effective communication can help resolve marital problems.

The fixed sign is the Capricorn, Mars helps the individual to overcome the hurdles in life. The Sun and Moon are the two friendly planets. In Vedic astrology, Mangal Dosh is caused by Mars which affects the marital relationship of the individual. The favourable position of the planet Mars brings happiness in the marital relationship, while the unfavourable position of the planet Mars causes complications in the marital relationship.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021

Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in First House

When Mars in transition is positioned in the first house of astrology, the individual gains good mental health. This makes the individual perform brilliantly in his workplace. But, the individual becomes over-confident. This overconfidence is the cause of disagreement between the people. The individual becomes courageous and gains strength. The individual will achieve whatever he desires to achieve in life. The individual is self-centered and will fulfill his selfish motives.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Second House

With the transition of Mars from the moon at the time of the individual's birth to the second house, human beings' interest in the object increases. The individual works rigorously to attain prosperity and lavish life. The person shows inclination towards the purchase of commodities. The individual becomes aggressive and attains sensual pleasure. The individual becomes a spendthrift with the increase in his expenditure.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Third House

When Mars in transition is in the third house of astrology the individual is unable to focus on his work. The lack of focus leads to the delay in the work. The energy of the individual is diverted where he indulges himself in unproductive tasks. The person may indulge in disputes with other people.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Fourth House

When Mars is in transition and is positioned in the fourth house of astrology, the individual's responsibilities towards the family increases. During this time, the disagreement with the family arises, there is some sort of confusion among the family members. Therefore, the individual is suggested to maintain a healthy relationship with the family, before things get uncontrollable.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Fifth House

When the Mars in transition is placed in the fifth house of astrology, it brings positive outcomes for the individual. The individual spends more time with their children which creates a healthy relationship between the parent and the child. The relationship with the family improves. The person gets a charismatic personality. The interest in sports and recreational activities increases.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Sixth House.

When Mars in transition, is placed in the sixth House during the time of the individual's birth. It is considered very auspicious. The hard work of the individual makes him earn a good income and he fulfills his desires. The individual works systematically. In the workplace, some disputes might take place.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Seventh House

When Mars in transition reaches the seventh house, it is considered unpropitious. There chances of an amicable separation between the two partners. The individual becomes irascible and aggressive. The individual has a bitter speech. The possibility of the loss may arise due to the failure in legal matters.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Eighth House

When Mars in transition is placed in the eighth House, the individual tasks become unproductive. Theft will be the cause of unemployment. There are chances for the individual to lose his job. The individual will become bankrupt. The individual may experience physical pain.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Ninth House

When Mars in transition is positioned in the ninth house, legal problems may arise. The planet Mars will open great opportunities for the individual. The person gets the result of his hard work. The individual becomes aggressive and self-centred.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Tenth House

When the Mars transition is placed in the tenth house, it is considered propitious. The individual will get monetary benefits.The person gets fame and reputation. He gets physical pleasure.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Eleventh House

When Mars in transition is positioned in the eleventh house, the individual gains patience. The individual has a disagreement with his friends which gives rise to a problem. The individual gets courageous and gains monetary benefits.


Effect of Mars Transit 2021 in Twelveth House

When Mars in transition is placed in the twelfth house, the individual gets unpropitious results. The influence of the planet Mars results in grievances in marital life. The individual fears doing theft. The influence of Mars causes eye problems. The individual attains financial instability.



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