Lizard Falling on You

Lizard Falling on You- What is its Significance in Astrology?


Lizard is a very common reptile that you can normally find in any household. They usually crawl on walls. So, there are high chances that they must have fallen on you or any other family member at some point or another. According to astrology, the falling of lizards indicates the good or bad events that are most likely to happen in the future. It is specifically called ‘Gowli Shastra’. The falling of lizards on different parts of the body indicates different things.


We brought you a list of the significance of falling lizard on different body parts


  • For men, it is their right body part where the falling lizard is considered auspicious whereas, for females, it is their left part of the body.

  • When it falls on the head, the results differ according to the economical status of the person. If the person is poor, he will gain wealth whereas if they are rich, their wealth will decrease. Their health will also be badly affected by it. 

  • If the lizard falls on the right ear of a person, it will increase the life of the person. And if it falls on the right ear, the person will gain more wealth.

  • Lips also play factors here. If the lizard falls right on the lips, then it means the person’s income will decrease and their financial condition gets worse. And if it falls under the lips, the person’s living standards will improve.

  • In the case of the throat, when it falls above the throat, the person will become powerful and confident. They will achieve many things in life and they will also be able to defeat their enemies.

  • The most dangerous position of falling lizards is above the heart. It will give the person immense suffering or maybe death. 

  • If the lizard falls between the knees of the person, there are chances that they will get a vehicle soon.

  • However, if the lizard falls between the ankle and feet of a person, it may likely cause the death of the spouse.


What to do in the case of Lizard Falling?


If lizards fall on you, you should do the following to cancel all the ill effects:


  • Talk a bath right away.

  • Visit any temple nearest to your house. 

  • Recite ‘Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra’.

  • You can also donate til seeds.

  • Consume panchgavya (cow’s products like milk, curd, ghee, etc)

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