Kumbh Vivah

Kumbh Vivah in astrology

Kumbh Vivah-Its story and procedure:
What exactly is meant by a Kumbhvivah? In India, the concept of writing, checking, and reviewing horoscopes (birth chart of a person) has been prevalent for ages. In cases of any discrepancies observed in the birth chart, specific resolutions are suggested by priests or astrologers, which, in doing so may help in reducing or negating the ill-effects. One such solution is Kumbhvivah. This is usually suggested when a girl is deduced to be a Mangalikwhich is determined by checking her horoscope.

What does being a Mangalik mean?

As we all know, the positions of various planets at the time of birth determine the nature of a horoscope. When an individual is born under the negative influence of Mars (Mangala), he or she is determined to be a “Mangalik”. A marriage between a Mangalik and a Non-Mangalik is considered to be impossible-when a girl is termed to be a “Mangalik”, it is believed that she would face problems in marriage like having a delayed or a bad marriage or may even get widowed very early in life. In order to neutralize these effects, the girl can be married to a tree (banana or peepal), an animal, or an earthen pot which is known as Kumbha. Myths suggest that by conducting such a marriage ceremony, the bad luck which would have befallen on the girl’s husband is entirely transferred to the Kumbha (also known as the artificial groom) instead. It is believed that the girl will be freed from the consequences of having a Mangal dosha in her fortune and she can lead a peaceful married life ahead.

How is Kumbh-vivah conducted?
It is conducted like any other normal wedding. The girl is dressed in bridal attire in a similar fashion just like she would be dressed on her wedding day. A priest is organized in order to conduct all the wedding rituals. Even a kanya daan ceremony (a ritual in a wedding wherein the girl is finally given off to the boy by the girl’s parents) is conducted and finally, wedding vows are taken. A thread is tied to the girl as well as the earthen pot (Kumbha). At the end of the ceremony, the girl is supposed to change her clothes and remove the thread tied around the pot. Then without anyone watching, the pot drowned into water. In some cases, it may also be broken, though many people consider breaking of the pot as inappropriate. Once this entire ceremony is done, the girl’s family believe that she has been saved from the consequences of being a “Mangalik”.

Role of the Kumbh:
The Kumbh or the mud pot is only a mock-groom. As it has no life, the marriage of the girl and the pot is not considered to be an appropriate one and automatically it gets nullified. Then, the marriage prediction of that girl with any other human will be considered as her primary one.

If Mars is malefic in the birth chart and if the marriage is between Manglik and non-manglik then it is better to get horoscope matched and get Kumbh marriage done rather than facing trouble after marriage.

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