Benefits of wearing metal kada

Benefits of wearing metal kada

Astrological Benefits Of Wearing Metal Kada 

In astrology, metals have a huge significance. Since India is rich in metals, you can find many metallic ornaments for different parts of the body. They are mostly worn by women. However, some ornaments are worn by both men and women and provide great benefits to both of them. One of those is ‘Kada’ which is worn in hands. ‘Kada’ comes in various metals like gold, silver, copper and each one of them has its significance. Moreover, it is a huge part of some cultures and therefore, it is mandatory for people belonging to those cultures to wear them all the time. 

Depends on which metal you are wearing on your hands, it will affect your life and change it. Therefore, we bring you a list of metallic kadas which can be helpful to you.

Gold Kada

Gold is considered as the most auspicious and rare metal. That is why, it has a great significance in every culture, especially in Hindu culture. Women belonging to Hindu culture are bound to wear gold both in ears and nose. Married women also wear it as Kada. Moreover, it is also a symbol of high status and royalty. It signifies economic well-being.

For astrology, gold brings satisfaction to the wearer along with security and harmony in their lives.

Moreover, it is believed in astrology that wearing gold opens your crown chakra. That is why most people prefer wearing gold. It also helps in repelling the bad influences from the lives of the person wearing it. Wearing gold triggers a divine awareness around you and negative and dark forces leave your side.

Benefits From Wearing Gold

Gold is considered the best metal that everyone should wear. It is a metal that benefits everyone. However, there may be some exceptional people who might attract bad luck due to it. Gold is such a strong and influencing metal that is known to bring success and luck to your side in your darkest times even when you lost all your hopes.

There are certain parts of the body where you should wear the gold for maximum benefits, whereas some parts should be avoided as much as you can. For example, one should wear it on their hands but should avoid wearing it on their ankles, or abdomen. It will give good results to young people who wear gold attached with red string. 

Silver Kada

Silver is believed to possess mysterious healing power. It is believed that it can treat wounds, cure diseases, stop the growth of dangerous microbes, give strength to five vital organs. Moreover, it is also helpful in connecting the soul to the body, helps in relieving the stress, and eliminates the chances of pathogenic diseases.

Furthermore, silver when used along with water gives major benefits. Silver cleans the water as well as sterilizes and sanitizes it. If we keep water in any silver container, it will kill the microbes, making the water suitable not only for drinking but also for skin and diseases.

The major health benefits silver provides is that it helps cure a cold as well as influenza. It heals wounds and gives the wearer healthy and shiny skin. Not only that, but it is also beneficial in maintaining the flow of liquids inside the body.

All these benefits of silver are enjoyed by people of almost all the cultures over the centuries. Moreover, it is also said that silver is also helpful in improving vitality levels.

Benefits of Wearing Silver

Silver tends to behave like an anti-bacterial component and that is why it serves various benefits to humans. Although silver has high monetary value and it is often regarded to have high social status just like gold. Silver considerably helps in the management of the flow of liquids, especially dangerous ones from the human body. That is why it is believed that silver gets darkens after a time-being.


Copper Kada

When a person wears copper Kada on their hands, it drastically affects their minds and souls. Although you can simply wear it according to your style and requirements, there are some engravings present that specify the use of this metal. Copper does not have that ‘rich taste’ of royalty, neither it is the metal of wealthy people, but it still provides enough benefits to the people to match the significance of gold as well as silver. This metal is considered as the symbol of agony and aggravation for a very long time.

Wearing a copper metal Kada will do wonders to the vitality levels of a person as well as increase the disease resistance of the body, but only if the metal does not have a certain level of sensitivity.

You will instantly feel sudden positive changes in your life as you start wearing copper Kada. Benefits will come even if you wear copper rings on your fingers instead of Kada.

Benefits of Wearing Copper

When you are on the receiving end of negative outcomes in your life due to the Sun mahadasha, wearing a copper Kada or ring will help you eliminate these effects. This will eventually boost your confidence as well as help you divert the positivity towards your life.

Moreover, it is also helpful in relieving stress as well as hypertension and high blood pressure. It helps purify the blood and provides strength to the body. The circulation of fluids improves in the body if you constantly wear the metal.

Copper contains minute particles of zinc and iron. So, when a person wears copper, their body also absorbs these minerals along with copper. 


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